Bonomi: ‘We cannot afford flat taxes and early retirement’ – Economy

“I do not express my opinion on the electoral result. It is the Italians who vote and not the companies. We do not support either one or the other. We propose measures and judge what is being done”. This was stated by the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, during the assembly of industrialists in Varese.

“We cannot afford imaginative flat taxes and early retirement. We do not want to deny parties to pursue their electoral promises but today energy and public finance are two emergency fronts that cannot admit folly to avoid uncontrolled growth of debt and deficit”.

“We hope the formation of a government as quickly as possible. We hope a government with authoritative, competent and impeccable ministers”, explained Bonomi.
“Nobody today can make realistic forecasts on the growth and on the effects of the rise in prices after the infamous choice of the Russians. We need a general broad convergence on the choices from the Government, even with the opposition forces. We need seriousness, unity. and responsibility for energy and public finance “.

“On energy we need a Europe that shares efforts. We cannot be united on sanctions and then on energy divided by letting each country move independently. On energy Italy cannot do it alone”, said the president of Confindustria.