Bonucci didn’t make it in the 120th minute. The cameras recorded everything [WIDEO] Soccer ball

Hardly anyone expected such a finish in the Italian Super Cup. Regular time ended in a 1-1 draw, so the players from Inter Milan and Juventus needed extra time. Everything in it announced that we would know the winner after a series of penalties. Then Alex Sandro made a fatal mistake in the 120th minute. After a cross from the left, the Brazilian wanted to play the ball through the chest instead of trying to hit the ball. However, neither the party nor the application to Giorgio Chiellini came out of it. Alexis Sanchez caught the ball, defeating the Juventus goalkeeper closely. Inter won 2: 1 while grabbing the trophy.

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Leonardo Bonucci could not stand it. The footballer pushed the press spokesman of Inter Milan

Leonardo Bonucci watched the whole situation from behind the sideline. It was his coach Massimiliano Allegri who wanted to get into the game just before the referee’s final whistle. All this so that the Italian defender could take a penalty shootout. Before that happened, however, Sanchez scored the aforementioned goal 2: 1, of which Cristiano Mozillo, spokesman for Inter Milan, enjoyed right behind Bonucci’s back.

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This infuriated Bonucci. The footballer immediately turned to Mozillo and pushed him. The entire event was recorded by cameras. Foreign media do not say, however, whether it was a reaction to the spokesman’s joy alone, or whether Mozillo said something to the defender first.

Black clouds over Kamil Glik. Black clouds over Kamil Glik. “Exceeds the club’s capabilities”

The win on Wednesday was Inter’s sixth victory in the Italian Super Cup. Juventus has nine such trophies to their credit, which is a national record. On Wednesday, Wojciech Szczęsny sat the entire match on the bench.

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