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Two great characters of the 1900s, two great stories, very different from each other, narrated from unique points of view in two books published in recent weeks: Angela Terzani Staude tells about his life with Tiziano Terzani And Maggie Shipstead tells the story of one of the first female aviators.

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The age of enthusiasm

the age of enthusiasm angela terzani staude

Author: Angela Terzani Staude was born in Florence into a cultured and cosmopolitan German family. At just 18, his path crosses that of Tiziano Terzani. With Longanesi he published Chinese days (1987), Japanese days (1994) and for Tea he edited Different from everyone and from nobody. Tiziano Terzani in the field, in the testimony of friends and colleagues (2017).
publisher: Longanesi.
Genre: memoir.
Pages: 400.
Plot: in retracing with sincerity and emotion the first forty years of two lives inextricably intertwined with the events that marked the twentieth century, Angela Terzani Staude entrusts us with this book her enthralling love story with her husband Tiziano: a couple that matures and it consolidates by facing both personal and sentimental difficulties, and the problems of a generation and a society in the strenuous search for identity and values. It all begins in Florence on a hot late summer afternoon in 1957, when eighteen-year-old Angela meets a young man of her own age at a friend’s house who without any hesitation begins to tell her about his hitchhiking trip and the time he worked in a hotel in Lausanne to pay for a stay in Paris, thus showing her all his desire to discover the world…
Recommended to… who wants to know the path of Tiziano Terzani from a unique perspective.
What we liked best: the author’s point of view, and the style of her story (here the review by Gloria Ghioni for

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The great circle

The great circle

Author: Maggie Shipstead lives in Los Angeles; After graduating from Harvard, she received her MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Beyond The great circleis the author of wedding party (2012, Dylan Thomas Award and Los Angeles Times Book Prize for First Fiction) e Astonish Me (2014). Shipstead writes for the New York Times and the Washington Post.
publisher: Rizzoli, translated by Francesco Graziosi.
Genre: the story of one of the first female aviators.
Pages: 720.
Plot: before vanishing over Antarctica in her biplane, Marian Graves never missed an opportunity to betray all the expectations placed on a woman of her time. Her unbreakable bond with adventure and danger, after all, is soon established: it is 1914 and she has only six weeks to live when she and her twin are rescued from a burning ocean liner. The two children are entrusted to the care of an uncle, an unruly painter, in a small town in the woods of Montana, and it is there that at the age of twelve Marian meets two passing pilots with their biplanes and understands that she will fly when she grows up. A bold desire, for a girl at the beginning of the twentieth century, but so indispensable as to make her willing to do anything to realize her first and last dream: to circumnavigate the earth passing through the poles. During this historic feat, however, her plane disappears without a trace. A century later, Hadley Baxter is chosen to play Marian in the film that tells the mysterious story.
Recommended to… who is interested in the true story of an exceptional woman. The great circleamong other things, entered the shortlist of the Booker Prize 2021 and the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022, was chosen by Time as the best novel of 2021, and has been entered since Washington Postfrom the Los Angeles Timesfrom Esquire and fromEconomist among the best novels of the year.
What we liked best: the historical description.

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