Borussia – Bayern. The rich will compete for the leadership position. Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich have been competing regularly for the top goals in the Bundesliga in recent years. It is no different this season, when both teams after 13 rounds played are just one point away. It is already known that the winner of the Saturday meeting will certainly be in the first place in the table.

Both teams have a large number of players valued at several dozen million euros. Bayern Munich has definitely the “most expensive” team in the league, which has significantly jumped back from the league competition, although Borussia Dortmund is in second place. How are both teams priced?

The quote for both teams comes from

Team staff:

Borussia Dortmund – EUR 603.8 million

Bayern Munich – EUR 840.5 million

Borussia and Bayern stand out significantly from the league competition. The Bavarians take the first place in the league, the second is the club from Dortmund, and the valuation of the third most valuable team in RB Leipzig is 497.55 million euros. Interestingly, in fourth place in the Bundesliga table is Freiburg, which, according to the valuation of the team, is only 10th in the league.

Highest valued players:

Borussia Dortmund – Erling Haaland – EUR 150 million

Bayern Munich – Joshua Kimmich – EUR 90 million

Such a valuation of Bayern stars may come as a surprise to many, because it is not the team’s best scorer Robert Lewandowski, but Joshua Kimmich was valued much higher. One can only assume that this is related to the fact that Lewandowski is not a young player and in the case of such players, you do not buy potential, but only current skills. It is possible that the 26-year-old Kimmich will make progress in the future.

On the Borussia side, the choice of the most worthy player should come as no surprise. Erling Haaland from the beginning of his stay in Dortmund looks great and as soon as he is fully healthy, his presence on the pitch is a huge support for the team. If Borussia wants to sell it, it will probably earn over EUR 100 million on it.

It is worth remembering that money ultimately does not matter on the pitch, and with the high class of both teams, everything will most likely depend on the disposition of the day. Bayern will be the favorite, but Borussia will definitely be able to score three points.

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