Brad Pitt in Rome: happy birthday Jolie twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is happy to see her ex-husband Brad Pitt, who has just arrived in Rome. No, it’s not a joke. But the actress would do anything for her children. Also welcome the star with open arms to celebrate the birthday of their twins Vivienne and Knox. Here are the details. Photo Ansa

No, the war is not over. On the contrary. If possible, it has also intensified in recent months. However, for a brief parenthesis – very hot and muggy as only this summer 2022 can be – calm has taken over. Angelina Jolie she is delighted that Brad Pitt has just arrived in Rome. Just in time to celebrate the 14th birthday of the twins Vivienne and Knox. The family gathered around the world. As it happened in the old days when the Brangelina were the most loved and admired couple in Hollywood. Come on fans and – why not? – even by themselves.

Angelina Jolie in Italy with her children to shoot Senza Sangue

Angelina Jolie, as we told you here, is in Italy to shoot the film Without bloodbased on the novel Bloodless from Alessandro Baricco. Filming is taking place in Puglia, Basilicata and Rome. Where the diva has often been photographed with her children in the shopping streets of the capital. Or at the concert of Maneskin along with Shiloh.

Brad Pitt’s arrival in Rome for the twins’ birthday

Brown shirt, pink mask and a big guitar on his shoulders. So the star landed in Fiumicino. The arrival of Brad Pitt in Rome, therefore, is by no means accidental. It has been at least a month and a half that his children have been enjoying the Italian beauties. And the coincidence of the birthday number 14 of the little ones of the family, the twins Vivienne and Knoxborn in France on 12 July 2008, was the perfect excuse for the father and children reunion.

Because Angelina Jolie is happy to see Brad Pitt again

And according to what the site reports Hollywood Life, Angelina is delighted with the arrival of her ex-husband. “Angelina has a tight shooting schedule, so she’s relieved that Brad was able to come to Rome to see the kids and be there for Knox and Vivienne’s birthday, it means a lot to her that she made the trip,” writes the site. .

Brad’s arrival in Italy solves logistical problems for the actress, makes her children happy. Which, it must be said, is the priority of both parents. And then, it potentially makes him look good in a hypothetical new custody hearing.

The Brangelina war is not over: because there are 4 years left

This does not mean that the war is over. The couple speaks only through lawyers, testifying that the tensions have not been dissolved. The knots are always the same: the Miraval castle and the custody of the children. If for the first the battle continues with blows of papers stamped in court in Los Angeles, for the second it seems to have this brief respite.

Which, considering the history of the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will not last long. Perhaps only the space of these two weeks (at the end of the month the star begins the promotional world tour of his new film Bullet Train, arriving in Italian cinemas at the end of August). Because the definitive point to this story will only be in 4 years. When all 6 of the children of the former Hollywood golden couple are of age. And they will be legally allowed to choose the type of relationship they want with their respective parents.


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