Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk “are friends”. Is it a daughter or something more?

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk
Author: MARK RALSTON / AFP / East News

Last year’s breakup between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk was widely discussed in the media around the world. The couple ended their relationship after months of rumors about the actor’s affair with Lady Gaga, and while they both assured that they were only friends, the model apparently could not stand the tension. Now she is in regular contact with the former again. Does she only do it for her daughter?

Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik for years they were considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful couples. The beautiful model and handsome actor aroused great enthusiasm wherever they appeared, and the information about the birth of their daughter pleased fans from all over the world.

The fairy tale ended in June last year when the couple announced their separation. Rumors of a crisis in the relationship Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik had been circulating in the media many months earlier, and their main character was … Lady Gaga. Tabloids reported that the actor became very friends with the singer on the set of The Birth of a Star and moved away from Irina Sheikwho began to suspect him of an affair. The rumors culminated in Gaga and Cooper’s emotional performance at the 2019 Oscars, when they both fondly looked into each other’s eyes as they performed their hit on stage Shallow.

Bradey Cooper and Irina Shayk in touch

Lady Gaga many times later she reassured her that she was tender towards Bradley Cooper they were purely acting on her part. Cooper’s relationship, however, did not survive. Now the media reports that the actor and his ex-girlfriend see each other regularly again. The ex-couple is trying to work out rules on how to look after their daughter.

They are working on how to be single parents and raise their daughter together. They both work and travel a lot, so there is always some schedule to get along. They have a good system for Lea and they change with her. They also meet as a family and spend time together when they can. They communicate a lot and are good friends. They both love their daughter more than anything else and meet for her. They are doing well and everything is very positive. It is still a transition period and they are trying to figure out what will happen next but they are in the right place.

– betrayed a friend of the ex-couple.

Faced with such reports, fans of course still hope that Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik they will give themselves one more chance. Until now, neither of them had a serious relationship with anyone else.

Would you like to see them together again?

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