Brazilian football exports more and more quantity and low quality

Research carried out by the CIES Football Observatory group with 1,219 athletes exported around the world shows that Brazil continues to lead the ranking with 80 nations, far ahead of France and Argentina, its closest competitors.

The study monitors 135 football leagues around the world. According to the survey, the number of Brazilians and Argentines abroad has increased slightly since 2017, with only 4% and 6% growth, respectively. In France, the increase was much more significant in the same period, representing 27%. Countries like Holland (60%) and Colombia (41%) also stand out in the ranking.

In the qualitative analysis of the data, however, Brazil leaves much to be desired. If we analyze only the five main leagues on the European continent, based in England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, there are few Brazilian players who are really protagonists.

Vinicius Jr, at Real Madrid, is our brightest star at the moment. Neymar is far, far from being a protagonist. It is possible to diagnose how Brazil continues to be a supplier of a huge amount of “labor labor”, but the product we export has lost much of its quality.

See the top-10

1219 athletes — Brazil
978 — France
815 — Argentina
525 — England
441 — Germany
425 — Colombia
409 — Spain
400 — Croatia
379 — Serbia
367 — Netherlands

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