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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, May 13, 2023.

• The Vapor Mexico alliance seeks to form the largest possible front towards 2024.

• Invited Jalisco Panismo to knock on doors, paint fences and remind people what good governments we have from National Action.

The government went from embracing criminals, to shaking hands with migrants, to bowing to the interests of the United States, to officially being backdoor, which even Peña Nieto never acknowledged, Marcos, the national leader of PAN Launched Cortes Mendoza.

In the framework of the meeting with the formations of Jalisco, organized by State President Diana González, Marco Cortés recalled that Marcelo Ebrard said that Mexico would receive a thousand non-Mexican migrants a day, which is equivalent to 365 thousand a year . “Officially in the back yard of the United States and without a comprehensive policy that would give immigrants dignified, humane care.”

For this reason, he called on the federal government to treat this migrant crisis with dignity and not to accept migrants who do not guarantee them humane, dignified, healthy and food, as is happening, because the Mexican government For this problem can get out of hand, which will have very serious consequences for everyone in the country.

“We hope that action will be taken against those responsible for the loss of 40 human lives in a state crime, because they did not die, they allowed migrants to die and the government is responsible and López Obrador blamed the migration policy, which Appointed Marcelo Ebrard as head of migration policy,” he said.

Deputies, accompanied by the coordinator of the PAN parliamentary group in Jorge Romero; And the chairman of the board of directors, Santiago Creel, also stressed that the Va por México alliance seeks to form the largest possible front towards 2024.

For this reason, he asked the MC not to be arrogant, to think of Mexico before thinking of his personal interest, because together we can win.

From there, he called on PAN to build in unity, with a higher vision, putting forward the best interest of the country.

“We are open to creation here in Jalisco, yes as long as the MC party is open and ready to form a broad national coalition that allows us to change the course of Mexico,” he said.

Marco Cortés projected that the coalition would win the state of Coahuila by a large margin, with the margin narrowing in the state of Mexico as well.

Finally, he invited Jalisco Panismo to knock on doors, paint fences, and remind people of what our good governments of national action are. “We’re going to visit the state and we’re going to remind people what we were and what we are and that’s why people call for Think Blue, because positive change for Mexico and also for the state Positive and necessary change of Jalisco”.

In this sense, they recalled the National Action governments of Alberto Cárdenas, Francisco Ramírez Acuña and Emilio González, although they were not perfect, they explain Jalisco’s progress in agriculture, industrial, technological development, urban infrastructure and roads.

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