Bread to the stars, ovens off. And the anti-crisis loaf appears

Mrs. Rosanna has seen many, but never a similar situation. Since 1964 she has been behind the counter of Piròn èl furnar in via Nosadella, but never would have imagined that a loaf of bread could even cost 10 euros per kilo. Since September it has raised all prices of its products by 5%. What’s more, to fight the dear energy, she decided, together with her daughter Angela, to keep off one of the four mouths of the oven to cook the pastry. “We can’t do it with bread, the oven works at full capacity all night”.

Now the base price of their bread has gone from 6.20 to 6.80 euros per kg, “in practice we are working to pay for the increases in raw materials”, they say. From Acts at the Quadrilatero, the oldest bakery in Bologna and the most popular with tourists, Paolo Bonaga he invented the “Anticrisis” bread: a marketing gimmick that works great, complete with a label displayed in the window. The 800 gram loaf of common bread is 3.43 euros. “All costs have increased by at least 10%, but to be honest the flour had grown even before the war in Ukraine began. I tried to adjust the price of bread, which is a basic necessity, as little as possible, but I couldn’t help but increase the desserts “.

Electricity, gas, feed, fertilizers, flour, grain grinding, oil, butter: everything has an impact on the final price to the consumer. According to Eurostat monitoring, bread has grown on average in the European Union by 18% compared to August 2021: Italy is below the Union average, with local bread prices up by 13.5%.

Coldiretti’s elaborations on the July data of the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development say that Bologna is the city in Italy that has the most expensive bread: a one kilo loaf costs 4.91 euros, in Milan 4.46, in Rome 2 , 92 up to 2.16 euros in Naples. For Michele Fiorini of the bakery in via San Carlo, the reason is soon said: “The labor for Bolognese bread, which offers many formats as opposed to the Tuscan one, takes a long time, plus ours is all done by hand”. Here too, since 5 September, prices have risen, “but they had been blocked for at least ten years”. The common bread costs € 5.30 per kg, the cereal bread costs 7. The biggest increase is those of round pizzas, which went from € 10 to € 11 per kg.

Cna also launches a cry of alarm for the category. In the metropolitan area of ​​Bologna “there are almost 200 artisan companies that produce and the risk is that at the end of the year many of these will close their business”, he says Matteo Calzolari, president of Cna Bologna confectionery and bakers who asks for immediate measures to control expensive energy. “Today, with the substantial duplication of the energy impact on business costs, we can estimate 13% of companies at risk of not continuing their business and 21% forced to reduce it”.

The temperature of the situation measures it Samuel Mafaro, newly elected president of the Bakers Association of the Metropolitan City of Bologna, owner of Il Forno di Porta Lame. He too has decided to increase prices by 4% on the entire product line to try to cover expenses and not work at a loss. “By now many bakeries in the city – he explains – prefer to stay closed in the afternoon because they have understood that it is not convenient to stay open paying the clerks and very high bills”. He himself works for the public from 7 to 14, then lowers the shutter “because between price psychosis and smart working the tour has really reduced”. At the moment, customers do not seem to have changed their habits, but the proposed offers are bought on the fly. “I notice this on pastry products: a raviola costs € 1.90, while the pack of four I put it at 6.50, it is a very popular policy”, he says. Paolo Bonaga.

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