Brent Jones & TP Mobb close the concert season of the Teatro Verdi in Sassari with the energy of gospel music

The 2022 season ends with an unmissable event Theater and/or Music Cooperative. The last appointment scheduled at Verdi Theater of SassariFriday 30 December, at 20:30, will in fact be dedicated to one of the classics that has accompanied the magical atmosphere of the Christmas holidays in Italy for years now, representing one of its soundtracks. An extraordinary one will take place gospel music concert which will see as the absolute protagonist, this year, Brent Jonesthe Washington-based artist at the pinnacle of Contemporary and Traditional Gospel, with his urban group “Brent Jones & T. P. Mobb”. A classical repertoire enriched by contemporary gospel songs which, thanks to deep voices, jazz, soul and blues melodies and the clapping of the hands of the choristers, will be able to enthrall the audience with enthusiasm and transport it overseas.

Even if when you think of gospel the notes of Oh happy day and the first image that comes to mind is the chorus of wild nuns in Sister Actthe term “gospel” means “word of God”, “gospel”, and recalls a popular music of African American origin. It comes from afar, from African slaves deported to America at the beginning of the seventeenth century to work in the cotton plantations and who found in singing a way to alleviate suffering and express hope for a better life. A song of the soul which, after the abolition of slavery, continued to be practiced by the great choirs of American churches, enriching itself over time with the addition of rhythmic bases typical of the blues and thus spreading throughout the western world, becoming also synonymous with show.

And the figure of Brent Jones, who for years has been considered one of the most popular interpreters of this musical genre in the world. Producer, musician and choirmaster who boasts numerous Grammy and Stellar Award nominationswith his TP group (Total honors) Mobb, Brent Jones laid the foundations for Kirk Franklin and contemporary gospel. For years, Jones and TP Mobb, bands capable of inspiring people of all ages who love music with an uplifting message, have toured the world and recorded popular hits such as “Midnight” and “Goodtime”.

In 2020 the Californian singer received the certification Gold & Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), to certify over one million album sales by “Awakened My Love”, his acclaimed collaboration with the rap superstar Childish Gambino. Also in 2020 she took part in the blockbuster film “Trolls World Tour” (with Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick and Mary J. Blige). The new CD of the artist “Nothing Else Matters” is the highly anticipated sequel to “Open Your Mouth and Say Something”, which topped the Billboard charts for over 54 weeks, garnering widespread critical acclaim.

“My short term goal is to travel the world inspiring sopranos, altos and tenors and create an atmosphere that makes people smile, laugh and dance and to leave a legacy of timeless music that choirs will sing until Jesus comes” – Jones said.

Now it is for the first time on tour in Italy with TP Mobb to offer performances of the highest level, with a lineup of ten musicians on stage, including seven singers, who in Sardinia they will stop right in Sassari.

Appointment then at the Teatro Verdi for an evening in which to live a unique, engaging and certainly unforgettable experience, in the name of the rhythm, energy and joy that this kind of music brings with it.

For the ticketspresale at the Teatro Verdi in Sassari (17:00-20:00 from Monday to Friday) and online at info at 079/236121.

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