Brexit. French fishermen accuse the government of Jean Castex of failure in negotiations with Great Britain

French fishermen accuse the government of Jean Castex of failing in negotiations with the United Kingdom over fishing licenses. Due to Brexit, some 150 French fishermen will not be able to fish in British waters.

France is threatening Britain with retaliation. What is the conflict about?

France has threatened the United Kingdom with retaliatory measures to block French fishermen’s access to certain fishing zones.

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Sea Minister Annick Girardin spoke to fishermen on Thursday about a € 40 to 60 million compensation plan for those unable to fish in British waters due to Brexit.

Talks about compensation sparked lively protests from fishermen. – The defeat was predictable (…). This is a fiasco – said Pascal Delacour, the head of the trawler in Granville, in an interview with AFP.

“France dropped its pants” and abandoned the young fishermen, because they do not have a license in the first place, said the AFP chairman of the Cotes-d’Armor fishing commission, Alain Coudray.

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Under the Brexit deal, European fishermen can continue fishing in British waters on condition that they prove that they had fished there before. The French and the British disagree about the nature and scope of the catch documents.

In disputed areas, the governments of London and the Channel Islands have granted nearly 220 licenses, but France is demanding another 150.

France announced sanctions against British fishermen in October, including a port ban and enhanced customs controls.

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French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also discussed the dispute over the license.

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