Bridal trends 2023 for dresses and weddings

For those planning to get married in the new year, know the bridal trends 2023 stronger is essential. When it comes to choosing thesuit and the type of marriage to organize, having in mind what are the latest trends to depopulate all over the world can be a strategic source of inspiration. With fashion and set-up ideas that perhaps we hadn’t thought of. So here are the 8 bridal trends most interesting planned for the 2023.

bridal trends 2023 Elie Saab brd PO S23 002

One-shoulder mikado dress with draped bodice, Elie Saab.

Intimate ceremony

Weddings in grand style and with a large number of guests are now increasingly rare. Partly due to the current not exactly thriving economic situation and partly due to the psychological consequences that the pandemic has left behind. All of this has led an increasing number of newlyweds to give up on exaggerated parties. Leaving room for intimate ceremonies with very few guests. For this reason they have a huge market simple line wedding dresses easily reusable on other occasions. Like little white sheaths, pristine blazer and pant suits, and alternative color dresses. Which come from ready-to-wear collections rather than from brands specialized in wedding dresses.

Destination wedding

Since 2022 the trend of the destination wedding. Or of organizing the ceremony of wedding in a city, region or country other than the one where the couple livespreferably abroad. Instead of a big wedding, better spend on some kind three day mini break in a romantic and exotic location. With very few guests but dedicated to Relax he was born in fun. Green light, therefore, for boho chic clothes suitable for the beach. Romantic models but without the bulky train for the countryside. Or long satin petticoats for the desert and so on and so forth.

bridal trends 2023 Costarellos brd PO S23 013

Christos Costarellos’ fluid and embroidered slip dress is perfect for a beach wedding.

Romantic transparencies

The spring summer 2023 fashion shows of the big brands of the ready-to-wear they have also influenced the world of wedding dresses. Carrying the trends strongest of the season also in this sector. In particular, it is the trend of ethereal fashion that has made inroads. Dresses with milky transparencies, layers of light tulle, shimmering appliqués and fabrics veined with shimmering fibers they depopulate in white clothes of every shape and style. Exactly like those spotted on the catwalks of prestigious fashion houses. How Of the Core, Prada, Ferragamo, Missoni, No. 21 And Dolce & Gabbana.

bridal trends 2023 Del Core S23 031

Romantic and contemporary, the white draped tulle dress spotted on the Del Core spring summer 2023 runway.

Unusual touches of colour

The forecasts of Pinterest they speak clearly. The colors that brides are choosing for the bridesmaids dressesi details of their dress and the Floral decorations or those ofsetup they have changed. No more shades of pink, gold, blue or green. Dominating now are warm and enveloping nuances such as terracottathe copperthe sienna red and theorange. Unusual and alternative, these colors have increased exponentially in searches on the famous social platform. And they are destined to become a very strong trend in the coming months.

Grace Kelly style

Grace Kelly back to being one of style icons favorite of all time. This time, however, to capture the attention is his famous wedding dress. Signed by the US costume designer Helen Rose, the dress chosen by the actress to marry Rainier III of Monaco in 1956 is imprinted in the collective imagination. She had on a long sleeved top protection payment, a fitted under bodice and a full skirt in pure Fifties style. Very copied at the time, now it is once again a source of inspiration for brides and specialized ateliers who re-propose it in a slightly updated key.

bridal trends 2023 grace kelly

Typical Fifties silhouette and long-sleeved lace top for Grace Kelly’s famous wedding dress by Helen Rose.

No to the theme, yes to aesthetics

Once upon a time for the wedding many couples established a theme that recurred in the choice of details and setting. Like a city, a color or a musical style. Now we’re talking about aesthetics. Namely of a mood inspired by a film, an artistic current, a successful series or even a trend born on social media. What matters is that the favorite vibe is perceived in every aspect of the celebration. From the choice of location to that of the set upfrom the soundtrack to the menu. Up to, of course, the choice ofperfect wedding dress.

Autumn/Winter 2022-23 Fashion: the Trends

I love vintage

Also the trend of the cbuy a vintage dress, secondhand you hate wear a family heirloom it doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. Indeed she will be one of bridal trends 2023 stronger. And there are many reasons for this choice, from the economic to the nostalgic one, up to ethical and environmental reasons. Finally, without forgetting the factor style. For many women, vintage dressing has become a habit even for the superior quality of the materials of the past and for theuniqueness of the bosses. In short, the perfect choice for those with personality to spare.

Goodbye veil, hello hood

Between bridal trends 2023 more unexpected there is also that of cooker hood. Florence Pugh at the British Independent Film Awards, Drew Barrymore at the Emmy Awards, Alicia Keys at the Met Gala and Paris Hilton at the Grammys they all had one thing in common. Namely shoulders uncovered by a luxurious cape. Under the banner of color, transparency or glittering applications. This very strong trend on the red carpet also reached the wedding dresses. Which in the new year’s collections have often given way to ethereal see-through tulle capes setting aside the classic veil.

bridal trends 2023 Lhuillier brd PO S23 015

Draped tulle dress with coordinated cape for Monique Lhuillier spring summer 2023.


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