Bristol: short guide dedicated to this city

Bristol, there are many cities in the United States of America that bear this name, but there Bristol to which we refer is that which is located in the southwest of theEngland. A city through which the Avon flows, a river that crosses several counties in addition to that of Bristol, namely Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset. Among the moments that have marked the history of the city of Bristol there is a year, 1497, which is when the explorer Giovanni Caboto left on an expedition right from here, from Bristol. Speaking of this city, one cannot fail to mention its music scene and the fact that, for example, they originate from Bristol are two bands that fans of the trip hop genre will probably know well, namely i Massive Attack ei Portishead. In this article we will dive together intoatmosphere that permeates the city of Bristol between curiosities about her and things to see here, to start planning a travel itinerary that allows you to fall in love with her instantly, or even in just three days.


What is Bristol famous for?

For the river Avon? Of course. For his music scene? No doubt. For the fact that a good part of the television series Sherlock was filmed here? Also. You got it right, we are talking about the series that sees protagonists among others Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes e Martin Freeman in those of John Watson. And again: fans of the television series Skinsyou probably already know several angles of Bristolsince included in the filming of this series which, among others, sees in the cast Nicholas Hoult, April Pearson, Mike Bailey And Hannah Murray (just her, the interpreter of the character of Gilly in the television series Game of thrones). Bristol it is also famous for the many, many things to see here. Starting with Queen Square.

Clifton and the Clifton Suspension Bridge

But before we talk more deeply about Queen Squarea little bit of waiting to glance towards Cliftonsuburb of Bristol where is one of the symbols of the city, namely the Clifton Suspension Bridge (Clifton Suspension Bridge). This is a very impressive looking structure under which the river flows Avon.

Bristol to the cinema

So far for the curiosity chapter we have said that a Bristol some television series were shot. Well, always a Bristol many scenes from numerous films have also been shot. Among these is the work of 2008 The Duchessdirected by Saul Dibb and with in the cast, among others, Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes And Charlotte Rampling. In particular, we point out that in the film appears the Bristol Old Victheater of the city of Bristol whose construction dates back to 1766.


What to see in Bristol in 3 days?

Okay, Bristol is already surprising you: you didn’t really expect it to be the backdrop to such a lively music scene, or that it was chosen as a place to shoot television series and films. And now you are thinking about the time you have chosen to dedicate to Bristol: 3 days. And you’re wondering: how do you fall in love with Bristol in 3 days? Or rather, what are some destinations that can really trigger love at first sight between you and this city? Whether you are planning a 3-day trip to Bristol, or planning a real tour around England, and you have decided to dedicate approximately three days to visit this city, the good news is that there are so many destinations that I can allow you to fall in love with Bristol even in a relatively short period of time. The bad news is that you may not be able to see them all, and here you will immediately feel the desire to come back here. Among these destinations of immediate love at first sight there is certainly the one already mentioned Queen Square: surrounded by trees, this is one of the most characteristic areas of the entire city of Bristol, as well as a corner of relaxation for those in search of peace. A building of particular historical and artistic interest? The Anglican church in the Gothic style St. Mary Redcliffenot far from the city center.

King Street

And then to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Bristol there is King Streetroad that is really not far from Queen Square. This city street is located in Old Town from Bristol and, in some way, we have already met her in our short virtual trip to this city. How come, you say? Because this is where the Bristol Old Vic. Do you remember it? We have already talked about this theater because it is possible to admire it in the film The Duchess.

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