Britney Spears argues with her brother Bryan and deletes her Instagram profile

The drop that broke the camel’s back e led her to close her Instagram profile: that’s how it could be described Britney Spears’ decision in the aftermath of the fight with her older brother Bryan. The latter gave a podcast interview As NOT seen on TV reaffirming his support for the conservatorship with which the father of both legally controlled the life of the diva for over a decade. At this point Britney did not send them to say and on the profile of over 46 million followers: “Everyone loved telling me what to do, treating me as if I were a zero”.

A strong and clear message, therefore, which once again denies what was leaked previously: the 45-year-old producer has not received any invitations to the wedding on 9 June. The sister married Sam Asghari surrounded by about sixty guests, not even a relative.

Meanwhile, Amber Lynn Conklin, Bryan’s girlfriend, had hinted otherwise on Instagram. On the same day of the wedding, the man’s only daughter, eleven-year-old Sophia Alexandra called Lexie (born from her marriage to Gabriella Sanchez), in fact “graduated” after finishing elementary school, also in Los Angeles (same city in whose sister got married). The little girl also gave a special speech during the ceremony which – according to rumors of Page Six – would be held more or less at the same time as the wedding.

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Neither parents Jamie and Lynne nor third child Jamie Lynn were invited for the pop star’s third yes. Relationships cracked (irrevocably?) After her father’s conservatorship ended after nearly 14 years in November 2021. Just two months earlier, the singer received the fateful proposal from the 28-year-old model, who is now her husband. Yet the mother sent via Instagram the congratulations for the happy event while the little one was limited to several likes under the wedding images.

Great absent also the two sons of Britney, Sean Preston and Jayden James (aged 16 and 15), as officially stated by his father Kevin Federline through his lawyer. Among the sixty guests present also Madonna, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore and, of course, Donatella Versace who took care of the look.

The event, as is well known, had many other surprises, such as the uninvited raid of Jason Allen Alexander, Britney’s first husband (the flash wedding lasted 55 hours, before the cancellation). Accused of beatings and vandalism, he was taken away from the singer’s mansion by the police.

The situation generated shock and panic in the pop star, but then the ceremony went as planned, with a fairytale carriage pulled by a white horse and covered with flowers. Then the famous crystal slipper could not be missing, which Britney shared on Instagram with the inscription Cinderellaafter the video of the passionate kiss from the main balcony of the estate.

The new husband commented on social media: “Best wedding he was invited to.” The caption, in fact, shows him hugging the pop star on the sofa, after a long night on the dance floor.

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