Britney Spears criticizes false support from loved ones

Britney Spears with her sister Jamie Lynn, 2003 / Photo. Getty Images

In late June, Britney Spears began a fight to break free from her father’s tutelage. The case is widely commented on by the media and the star’s fans. Britney referred to the false words of support shown by those closest to her.

In 2008, by a decision of the Supreme Court, Britney Spears was incapacitated, and her father, Jamie, is in charge of the singer’s life and property. In the spring of 2021, the backstage of this story was unveiled by New York Times journalists in the film Who Framed Britney Spears. The star did not comment on the case for a long time, until June 23, she asked the court to end the incapacitation. She confessed that her father was abusing the control entrusted to him. She is forced to perform and take medication. It does not allow you to decide about your career and personal life. – I am not happy. I can not sleep. I am furious. I have depression. I cry every day. I experienced a trauma – she confessed.

Until now, on Britney’s Instagram you could watch mostly cheerful videos with a dancing star. Now Spears is using a profile watched by 40 million people to fight for his rights.

She apologized for pretending to be happy over the years and thanked the fans for their support.

In recent posts, she refers to the fake support that her relatives are giving her. “Never forget who ignored you when you needed help, and who helped you before you asked for it,” she wrote. This is a clear allusion to the loved ones who have been silent for years and now show support in social media. “Why didn’t the people I love the most say anything … Did you even give me a hand to pick me up at that time ?! How can you say that YOU CARE NOW … Did you give me your hand when I was drowning? ” – In other posts, the singer criticized her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who appeared at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards for remixes of Britney songs.

The artist also referred to the criticism of her dance videos. “I am writing this to those who criticize my dance films. In the near future I will not be performing on any stage where my father would be taking care of what I wear, say, do or think !!!! I’ve been doing this for the last 13 years. I’d rather share recordings from my living room than on stage performances in Vegas. “

She confessed that incapacitation had killed her dreams. “The only thing left for me is the hope that is the hardest to destroy. And people are still trying! ” – she added.

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