Britney Spears disappears from Instagram? The singer has spoken out on this matter

The artist posted a post on her Instagram profile in which she explains that she will no longer be so active in social media. What happened that made her decide?

Personal life Britney Spears It is not easy. Recently, it was loud about her due to the action #FreeBritneywhich was to help her free herself from her father’s tutelage. Now, unpleasant comments in the media have added to her troubles.

In July, the singer asked a court to immediately stop her father’s tutelage. James Spears controls and decides virtually every aspect of his daughter’s life. The star not only cannot manage her fortune, but also has no say in the matter of having children. The princess of pop has been under her father’s tutelage for 13 years. Now Britney said “enough” and decided to free herself from the power of James Spears. Fans and fans around the world decided to support their idol through the #FreeBritney campaign and protests in the streets. Her former partners – Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline also joined the group of solidarity with the singer. Unfortunately, the court remained adamant and rejected the celebrity’s request. This, however, does not give up the fight for freedom. She managed to hire a new lawyer.

After the Princess of Pop saw unpleasant comments in the media, she decided that it would be better for her not to post as much on her Instagram profile as before. Under a new photo dedicated to her new passion – cooking, Britney explained:

“In a system where I feel completely hopeless for so long, at least I have a platform where I can share what I think,” the star wrote.

She continued:

“Like Selena Gomez said well,“ The world might be a nasty place… I know it… you know it… kill them with kindness !!! Unfortunately, the media has been telling terrible and malicious lies about me, so I plan to publish fewer posts from now on, ”summed up Britney. This unfortunately means that we will no longer be able to admire what we loved the most about her profile – dancing, singing, inspirational quotes. However, we are glad that the singer has put her mental health in the first place.

In the comments section, there were many warm words for the artist from female fans, fans and stars, incl. from Paris Hilton and Selena Gomez. Both celebrities expressed their support for Britney and invited her to cook together. We also keep our fingers crossed and hope to see the singer’s culinary skills soon!

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