Britney Spears got her dogs back! What’s next for battery charges?

Britney Spears
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Will the Britney Spears dog scandal end with a happy end? The media reports that the singer has recovered her pets, picked up by domestic help without her consent. The star’s employee took the animals to the vet after she stated that they were poorly nourished and dehydrated. After the dogs were picked up, the artist and the housekeeper had a fierce quarrel, and the employee accused the star of beating up.

An affair with the participation Britney Spears, her dogs and employee the American media have been alive for several days. Just before the weekend, information was released to the network that the police called by the singer’s domestic help appeared at the star’s house. The employee accused the artist of beating up, and the police admitted that she had received the report.

A quarrel between Britney and her employee broke out after the star’s housekeeper arbitrarily took the dogs from her house because she was concerned about their health. The singer’s employee explained that, in her opinion, the animals were not properly nourished – instead of specialized food prescribed by the vet, the dogs ate scraps from the household table. Britney’s pets were also to be severely dehydrated.

Of course, Brit was furious when she noticed the dogs disappearing. Initially, the star suspected her father about taking the animals. However, when it turned out that the dogs had been taken from her by her own employee, there was a sharp exchange of views between the women. All of this was supposed to happen about 2 weeks ago.

Now it looks like the situation is slowly stabilizing. The media reports that Britney Spears has recovered her dogs.

Britney got the dogs back and … fired the employee?

According to the American media, the veterinarian, to whom the artist’s employee took her pets, was to decide about keeping the dogs for observation. On Friday, August 20, the dogs returned to their mistress’s care.

The employee who accused the artist of beating up will no longer appear at Britney’s house. However, we do not know if the domestic help decided to quit the job on her own or if she was fired by the singer. Or rather, through her father, who is still legally deciding many areas of his daughter’s life.

Britney Spears is back on stage? Asghari himself has awakened the hope of the fans!

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