Britney Spears is making fun of her sister’s book. Why?

Jamie Lynn Spears has released a book. Britney laughs at it and makes an ironic twist in the latest Instagram post. What does he have a grudge against his sister?

Britney Spears debuted at the end of the 90s. Her songs such as Baby one more time, Oops! I did it again if Toxic the whole world is humming. Unfortunately, the star has recently been struggling with serious problems. The high-profile case of her incapacitation, which has lasted more than 13 years, finally seems to be coming to an end.

The singer at one of the court hearings confessed that if she could, she would sue the entire family, who at that time were feeding on her. After these words, a wave of criticism fell on her parents and siblings. Her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears has just published a book in which she told, inter alia, about your mental health.

It’s no secret that Sister Britney has always lived in its shadow. Jamie dreamed of a career as a singer and actress. She has a role in which she played the role of … a younger Britney. She released a few songs, but without much success. At a time when their father held their hand over the pop star’s fortune, Jamie took advantage of it. She lived in an apartment bought by a pop princess for over a million dollars. A few days ago, she published a book to tell the world her story.

Britney Spears jokes about her sister’s book

Jamie Lynn’s book after its translation into Polish is entitled Things I should have said. In it, she tells how she felt all her life that she had to pretend to be perfect. She stood up to it and talked about her mental health. In the latest post on Britney’s Instagram, you can clearly see a reference to her sister’s latest release:

I am thinking of releasing a prince next year. I’m having trouble coming up with a title so maybe my fans could help! Option 1: “Things I don’t know about.” Option 2: “I really care what people think” What do you think? – she wrote.

After it was revealed that Jamie Lynn Spears was getting financial benefits from incapacitating her sister, a wave of negative comments spilled over her. The 30-year-old removed photos from her profile in which she is basking in luxury for Britney’s money. Celebrity fans did not leave a dry thread on the younger Spears. They even pulled out her incident when she aggressively brandished a knife in a restaurant:

You fly and threaten with a knife, and yet Britney is under guardianship – they wrote.

You can see the whole experience below.

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