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Britney Spears
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Britney Spears is really crazy this time! The singer fell into ecstasy after the court suspended her father as a probation officer after 13 years. Britney Spears joyfully undressed to the broth and began uploading her nude photos to the Internet, covering herself only with microscopic drawings. Was she exaggerating or delighting? Vote in our poll!

“Fun in the Pacific” – Britney Spears signed her new photos on Instagram. And her fans rub their eyes in amazement! Because now the 40-year-old singer is really crazy. She must have fallen into real ecstasy after she triumphed over her father and after a court battle he was suspended as her probation officer. Out of happiness, Britney decided to strip naked! The star did just that. She even abandoned her bikini and took a series of photos from different sides, and then she carelessly uploaded them to Instagram, covering what only a bit with microscopic drawings of flowers … Hit or putty? The singer’s fans are overwhelmingly delighted, and you? Vote in our poll!

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Jamie Spears was suspended by a court in Los Angeles as his daughter’s probation officer 13 years after the appointment of this guardianship. Earlier, he had announced himself that he would relinquish this role “in due course”, but now it has become official. Although Britney is not yet one hundred percent the mistress of herself and her 60-million-dollar fortune, she has been supervised by a court-appointed expert accountant. Britney Spears, 13 years after incapacitation resulting from a nervous breakdown, fought several times in court for the right to freedom, but she did not succeed until she changed her lawyer and the case was publicized by the media. Spears’s attorney proved her father abused her. Britney testified that she was not even allowed to paint the walls any color or to go to the hairdresser and was secretly given contraceptives. How has Britney’s breasts changed throughout her career? Another gallery below!

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