Britney Spears publishes another provocative photo on the web? The web was boiling

When on the artist’s Instagram profile (check!), a photo of her appeared in skimpy denim shorts, but without a T-shirt, the web went wild.

Her post won over 953,000. likes in less than an hour, and 31,000 comments praising her for “freedom”. Two days later, the singer presented an even more naked photo.

But when the information about the photos of the pop princess was published on the Internet, it made its way to websites devoted to the life of celebrities, among the comments there were also suggestions that such “free” behavior is not the best tactic – of course in the context of the ongoing court battle for deprivation her father’s tutelage over her.

The reactions of outside observers of Britney Spears’ struggle to regain the right to decide about herself are the best proof that she is facing a very difficult battle.

Jamie Spears, who has been controlling his adult daughter’s private and professional life for 13 years, has accomplished the impossible – he has convinced the whole world that although he himself has not achieved anything spectacular in life, he will know how to manage Britney’s career. And most of all – with tacit approval – he took away her right to motherhood.


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