Britney Spears quotes ex-Justin Timberlake on her latest Instagram

Britney Spears’ latest outburst on Instagram featured a photo of a big gray cat and used a song from ex-Justin Timberlake’s song “Dirty” in its caption.

“As JT would say … haters would say it’s fake !!!! I mean… wow, I have no idea… what do you think… ???? ” Spears wrote.

Fans seem to have interpreted the signature as an indication that a collaboration between Spears and Timberlake may be underway. One person wrote, “Okay, I’m done with the JT fashions, but if you guys work together, I’ll jump right in.”

Pop singers became popular between 1999 and 2002, but did not release any music together. Timberlake and Spears performed together at the 2001 Super Bowl hiatus show.

Timberlake, 40, recently Talk to Support Spears during the ongoing battle for protection.

“After what we saw today, we all need to support Britney at this time. No matter what our past is, whether it’s good or bad, no matter how long it’s been… what’s happening to it is not right. began. “No woman should ever be constrained from making decisions about her own body.”

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The star continued, “No one should ever be held against their will … or seek access to anything they’ve worked so hard for.”

In February, Timberlake also apologized to Spears and Janet Jackson about the rainfall he received after his release. Framing Britney Spears Documentary. The show prompted Spears fans to speak out against Timberlake and Diane Sawyer for the way they dealt with the pop star in the past.

This article originally appeared on Fox News. Reproduced with permission

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