Britney Spears. The singer accuses the family. Lifting of guardianship

In her latest post, Britney Spears settles accounts with everyone whose inaction – in her opinion – contributed to her long suffering. “If you have a friend who is trapped at home and banned from going out for four months, without a car, without a phone, without any privacy, and is forced to work about 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and toil without a day off … I strongly urge you to go get that friend and get him the hell out of there! ” – wrote the singer. She addressed equally bitter words to her immediate family. “My family kept telling me,” Sorry, you’re incapacitated. “They probably thought they were different (than me) so they might not care about me!” – she added.

At the end of her accusatory post, Spears thanked her lawyer Matthew Rosengrat. “He helped change my life,” she wrote about him. The attorney led to the fact that at a hearing on September 29, Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Brenda Penny ruled Jamie Spears’ removal from the position of probation officer overseeing the singer and her estate, which Britney had struggled for many months. Now, with the help of his lawyer, the pop star plans to accuse his father of financial fraud. Rosengart also investigates whether there has been a violation of the law following the disclosure by one of the singer’s former bodyguards that she was overheard and under surveillance by her father in many different ways.

Britney also believes that Internet users involved in the #FreeBritney initiative played an important role in the removal of Jamie Spears and the increasingly likely release from judicial incapacitation. “Movement # FreeBritney … I have no words. Thanks to you and your continued strength in the quest to free me, my life is now going in the right direction!” – the star wrote on Instagram and added: “I cried for two hours last night, my fans are the best and I know it.”

Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, began to support her daughter’s drive to end incapacitation from the moment the #FreeBritney initiative launched in 2019. Like the younger sister of singer Jamie Lynn Spears. The singer’s brother Bryan Spears, on the other hand, supports his father – in one interview he called the custody of Britney “a great thing” for their family.

The next hearing, which will consider the request to end Britney’s incapacitation completely and hold Jamie Spears for abuses, will be held on November 12.

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