“Broad understandings? Absurd hypothesis”. The Cav closes every door to possible agreements

Mario Giordano’s guest at Out of the Choir, Silvio Berlusconi he addressed the main political issues that marked the electoral campaign that is ending. Il Cavaliere began with a joke, marking one of the pillars of Forza Italia’s policy: “I’ve always been out of the box. I founded the television on which we are talking precisely to be out of the chorus of the information monopoly of Rai. I supported and financed the Giornale di Montanelli when it was the only voice out of the chorus of left-wing conformity“. Unqualified as a building contractor, Silvio Berlusconi recalled having”created of city-garden, which still today architects and urban planners from all over the world admire, for being out of the chorus of my fellow builders who then built mostly anonymous concrete blocks, all the same. I gave birth to Forza Italia to be outside the chorus of the still communist left that seemed to have the country in its hands“. So, the Cav stressed his willingness and ability to be out of the chorus,”since I am the only one to campaign by talking about concrete things, destined to have an impact on the lives of Italians. And I am the only one who has demonstrated in life, not only in politics, that I know how to achieve the goals I set myself“.

No to the government of broad agreements

There is a theme that has been trying to relaunch in recent weeks, especially in the Third Pole, aware that in this electoral round its numbers will be little more than irrelevant, and it is that of a new government of wide agreements. From the center-right the argument is not even taken into consideration, in the belief that the coalition will have all the numbers to govern and that it will go on for 5 years with a cohesive unitary government on the most important issues. Concept reaffirmed also by Silvio Berlusconi in the interview granted to Mario Giordano: “A government not of the center-right but of broad agreements with agreements with the Third Pole and the center-left? It is such an absurd hypothesis that I refuse to even comment on it. Whoever says these things is once again simply misinformation“.

The role of Forza Italia

Those of the Knight are clear words, which leave no room for doubts or replies. And as regards the composition of the center-right majority and the formation of the new government, the former premier added: “Forza Italia will be numerically and politically decisive for the future center-right government. He will use this role precisely to guarantee the Europeanist, Atlantic profile of the coalition, to defend the liberal principlesChristians, guarantors and transform them into government action“. A role that not everyone can play, much less, he explained”certainly the so-called centrists, who look to the left and who will have a negligible representation in Parliament in numbers and politically irrelevant, can certainly do it“In light of this, Berlusconi underlined,”the only rational vote for a center voter, for a liberal voter, for a moderate voter, is that for Forza Italia“.

The electoral campaign of the left

The electoral campaign is coming to an end and, taking stock (albeit provisional) cannot be said to have been elegant, especially on the part of the left. Silvio Berlusconi also agrees: “I really didn’t like it because it didn’t focus on things to do for Italians. The left has preferred to focus on the demonization of the adversary, on slander, on disinformation. They even go so far as to evoke a danger to the democracy in the case of our victory. The paradox is that one party says so, the Democratic Party, which has been in government for 11 years without ever winning an election“. But now, Italians can change,”they can choose by whom to be governed, and they will undoubtedly choose the center-right. This is called popular sovereignty and is the foundation of Constitutionthe very Constitution that the left so often invokes, but of which it then forgets the fundamental principles“.

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