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Duchess Meghan’s stepbrother insulted her in public. Supposedly he warned Harry about his sister. Now the man will star in a reality TV show and reveal family secrets.

Photo: Shutterstock Brother Meghan attacks his sister

Envy the family

A group of non-smokers excessive sympathy for Duchess Meghan, seems to be constantly growing. The list includes royal family employees, Harry’s family, loyal fans of British royals … and also relatives of the Duchess of Sussex herself. Earlier, her own father spoke unflatteringly about Harry’s wife, now it’s time for a brother.

Father Atentius

Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle announced that he would fight for contact with his grandchildren. As he claimed, his daughter and son-in-law do not allow him to see Archie and Lilibet. On his 40th birthday, he sent his daughter a bouquet of flowers that she did not accept.

Big Brother

It cannot be denied that Meghan is popular. Usually, others try to take advantage of the fame of famous people, so her father did, and now the duchess’s stepbrother has followed in the footsteps of Thomas Markle. Thomas Markle Junior will be a participant in the next Australian reality show Big Brother. The future celebrity appeared in the announcement of the program. He stated that he was going to say what he really thought about Meghan, admitted that he did not consider her a family member.

I am the brother of Meghan Markle. I am the most famous of all the brothers.

I told Prince Harry that he was going to ruin his life. It is very shallow.

Family secrets

One can only speculate on what revelations Thomas Markle Junior will decide to share with the audience. Surely will not be beneficial to Duchess Meghan. Much is still unknown. To what extent will Brother Markle’s words be believed? Earlier Samantha Markle, stepsister Meghan, decided to harm a relative, arguing that the duchess has destroyed their family and will also ruin the royal family.

Like it or not

Subsequent scandals make Meghan even more popular. Even if she wants a quiet, family life, it does not work for her at all. On the one hand, she becomes a victim, accused, even by members of her family, and on the other, Meghan and Harry cause these scandals themselves. But on the wave of hate “pouring out” on Meghan, will be found many people with whom she has positive relationships. Meghan’s friends include Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, and Oprah Winfrey, among others.

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