Bullet Train with Brad Pitt is on CHILI in streaming and download

Bullet Train, a light-hearted action thriller starring Brad Pitt alongside stars like Sandra Bullock, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, can be streamed and downloaded on CHILI.

It is available on KILOS streaming and download Bullet Train: it is an action with an all-star cast led by Brad Pitt and directed by David Leitch, who became famous for creating John Wick and also author of Atomica Bionda and Deadpool 2. Bullet Train ranks on this thriller launched at insane speed, like the train on which it is set, names of the caliber of Sandra Bullock, Michael Shannon, Zazie Beetz, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Logan Lerman And Hiroyuki Sanada. Watch Bullet Train on CHILI

Bullet Train, the plot of the light-hearted action-thriller with Brad Pitt

Bullet Train it’s a action thriller… semi-serious, where Brad Pitt plays Ladybug, a professional killer with a mission to accomplish on a high speed trainin Japan. No violence this time: Ladybug also refuses the gun because it has only one purpose, that of retrieve a briefcase. Too bad the train is packed with hit men, all in pursuit of the briefcase and not necessarily “reformed pacifists” like him. We are at all against all, in a tangle of different strategies and styles of attack. In the end who will get their hands on the loot? The bets are open … but to find out it will be necessary to reach the end of the race alive!

Bullet Train, a crazy action sequence

Director David Leitch And Brad Pitt they actually have a history together: in fact, before moving on to directing, Leitch was one stand-in and an action scene coordinator, and in his career he has often acted as Pitt’s own in the more dangerous scenes. He has in fact replaced it in Fight Club, Spy Game, Ocean’s Eleven, Troy And Mr. & Mrs. Smith. A long-standing acquaintance, which explodes into a real complicity in funny and ironic scenes like the one we show you, where Ladybug alias Brad gets into it with the character of Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Bullet Train is definitely an eventful journey …
Watch it on CHILI!

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