Butter – a luxury item. From the beginning of the year, the price increased by 70 percent

Consumers have been feeling the rise in food prices for some time. One of the luxury goods is butter, the price of which is currently around PLN 8 for a 200-gram cube. This has resulted in a nearly 70 percent increase in the price of butter from early 2021.

Food prices are going up. Director of the Dairy Cooperative: It won’t be cheaper

All over the world, we have been witnessing a strong increase in prices, especially of food products, for over a year. According to Rzeczpospolita, the world food price index in October reached 133.2 points. Compared to last October’s figure, this is an increase of 31.3 percent. It is also the highest result since July 2011.

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For more information on inflation, see the website Gazeta.pl.

Data from the Ministry of Agriculture show that the price of bulk butter increased by 3.5 percent in just seven days (November 15-21). – Unfortunately, we do not have good news for consumers. There are many reasons for the increase in the price of butter, but the basic one is the fact that for a long time its price was too low in relation to the cost of production. Galloping inflation influenced the growing costs of obtaining and processing raw materials, packaging materials and distribution. – said Małgorzata Cebelińska, the trade director of SM “Mlekpol” in an interview with rp.pl. – According to our forecasts, butter prices will not fall, the recently observed increase may only stop temporarily – she added.

Inflation – the highest since December 2000

The shining cross in the parish of  st.  Andrzej Bobola in LublinLublin. A huge illuminated cross blinds the residents of the estate [ZDJĘCIA]

As we wrote, inflation is raging. In the 21st century, prices were not rising so quickly – in November this year. inflation was as high as 7.7 percent. The data indicate that we can expect an even higher level in December this year. According to information from the government, a slight slowdown of inflation is planned for the beginning of 2022, thanks to the introduction of the anti-inflation shield.

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