by March 2023 the UK decision on the acquisition will arrive –

There UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has established a maximum deadline to publish its evaluation on theacquisition of Activision by Microsoft: will arrive by March 2023.

The British supervisory authority has recently entered phase 2 of its investigation into the maxi-acquisition of Activision Blizzard by the Redmond house, as was probably expected by all, given the size of the operation.

As we have seen, the CMA is particularly keen to investigate the scenario that would derive from aexclusivity of the Call of Duty series on Xboxalso pushed by Sony’s decidedly contrary statements on the subject and in particular by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, who said he was very satisfied that the investigation has deepened and may eventually lead to a blocking of the operation.

In phase two of the investigation, an independent group is responsible for examining the acquisition in more detail and assessing whether or not it could become a threat to the acquisition. competition in the market.

Activision, the headquarters

Activision, the headquarters

Should he find a critical element in this sense, he would have to “decide what kind of action to take or suggest a remedy to avoid or at least mitigate the loss of competition” that could result from the acquisition.

Also for this reason, Microsoft has recently opened a sort of website to advertise the acquisition of Activision Blizzard presenting it as a sort of advantage for everyone, also stating that Sony and Nintendo will continue to be market leaders even after the conclusion of the market. operation.

In the meantime, there is therefore a maximum time window in which the verdict of the CMA should arrive – which we remember is only one of the authorities that are examining the matter, in addition to the FTC in the USA and the European Commission – that is March 2023.

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