Cagliari-Napoli Primavera LIVE: LIVE updates

Live Cagliari-Napoli Primavera – Back to play with Cagliari-Naples Spring in directkind readers of Calcio Napoli 24, good morning and welcome to the direct text Cagliari Naples of the sixth day of the Primavera 1 championship. It starts at 11:00 Cagliari-Napoli Primavera live.

Cagliari-Naples Spring | DIRECT

The team takes the field Spring of the Naples on the field of Cagliari. Both teams want to redeem themselves and are at the bottom of the standings with 3 points after 5 days.

70 ‘Triple chance for Cagliari! Boffelli comes out on Griger’s feet the ball thrones the attackers opponents who crash on the providential interventions of Barba and Oberatin

67 ‘Change Naples: inside Boni Gningue comes out

66 & # 39; Marranzino served by Rossi kicks high

62 & # 39; Very occasional for Cagliari! Zallu puts in the middle and Griger blatantly can’t find a winning deviation all alone

60 ‘Punishment for Napoli near the top of the penalty area. The scheme frees Marranzino whose shot is rejected twice by the defense

58 ‘cagliari change: Kourfalidis enters outside Mameli

55 ‘Cross by Masala and header by Palomba that is printed on the post. A fray is lit in front of Boffelli who is saved

54 ‘Left-footed cross from Marranzino. On the rejected Rossi puts incredibly high!

52 ‘Gningue pockets for Spavone but the ball is too long and is lost on the bottom

50 ‘decidedly higher rhythms. Cagliari takes advantage of the spaces left by Napoli. Griger earns a corner. On the set there is a high header from Zallu

48 ‘Napoli pole! Veroli slips into the area giving the ball to Iaccarino who clamorously hits the wood from a greedy position

47 ‘Game stopped. beard after a tackle on Vinciguerra remains sore. The defender recovers

46 ‘The game resumes: there are no changes in the two teams

The teams are returning to the field

46 ‘The first half ends

45 ‘One minute of recovery allowed

42 ‘Another defensive error of Napoli! Head shot by Vinciguerra and another splendid parade by Boffelli

40 ‘Error in disengagement by Hysa that triggers Cavouti who enters the area and kicks finding an excellent response from Boffelli

35 ‘Napoli raises the pressure on the opposing ball carriers. Azzurri practically non-existent in attack.

33 & # 39; Punziione kicked by Mameli towards the area with the ball that ends on the bottom

30 ‘Insistent action by Idrissi on the left but the winger’s play is lost on the bottom

24 & # 39; Acampa returns to the field. Napoli tries to react to the disadvantage but does not affect the last meters

22 ‘Game stopped. Acampa gets hurt after a game contrast with Zallu. Naples momentarily in ten

18 ‘GOAL CAGLIARI! Incredible mistake in Napoli’s defense. Cross by Idrissi from the left, Boffelli and Acampa mess and for Masal it is child’s play to bag.

15 ‘Masala cross from the right, Griger touches his head with the ball that ends on the side

14 ‘Iaccarino’s shot from distance with the ball ending on the side

13 & # 39; Good closing of Barba on Griger

12 ‘Confused ideas and many errors on both sides in the setting phase

9 ‘Vinciguerra served by Cavouti enters the area from the right but is well stopped by Oberatin

8 & # 39; Napoli is seen in attack with Marranzino but the action is lost on the bottom

6 & # 39; Cagliari made a good start especially on the outside lanes. Napoli defends itself without taking particular risks

4 ‘Corner for Cagliari, the action ends with a high shot from Palomba

11.04 Kick off taken

Here are the official formations:

CAGLIARI: (4-3-1-2): Lolic; Zallu, Palomba, Veroli, Idrissi; Mameli, Cavuoti, Caddeo; Masala; Griger, Vinciguerra. Available Iliev, Arba, Coriano, Pintus, Sulis, Vitale, Belloni, Carboni, Conti, Kourfalidis, Konate, Deriu, Kosiqi, Pulina, Yanken. Filippi coach.

NAPLES: Boffelli, Barba, Obaretin, Jewels, Acampa, Iaccarino, Spavone, Hysaj, Rossi, Marazzino, Gningue. Available Turi, Giannini, Lettera, Pontillo, De Pasquale, Boni, D’Avino, Russo. Frustalupi coach

Cagliari Napoli Spring live

Cagliari Naples Spring

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