Cairo: ‘Hard market, but Inter paid Lazaro 22 million. I want to make a strong Taurus to please Juric, the quarrel with Vagnati… ‘| First page

Urbano Cairo tries to reassure the Turin fans. The grenade president told the Gazzetta dello Sport: “My intention is to make a strong team, I am very confident that we will succeed and we are all very active for this to happen. Of course, I would have liked to do it sooner but unfortunately the times have lengthened. We will do the things that need to be done” .

ON THE MARKET – “In the meantime it has arrived Radonjicwe purchased Pellegri and Ricci, Bayeye he is a young man who has potential. It has arrived Lazaro that Inter paid 22 million, so it certainly has great potential. Surely a central defensive player is missing, as we sold Bremer, and a midfielder but here we have things that are being born. And then at least one playmaker is missing, but let’s see … because if there are opportunities we will be ready to seize them. Last year, on the last day, we did three things also of quality (Brekalo, Praet and Zima, ed). the I agree with Mr. Juric when he says that things are not done on the last day: he is totally right. But this is the market, it’s strange and it’s very complicated. But we are here to do well and we will make the team. ”

ABOUT MIRANCHUK – “Unfortunately football is particular: when it seems that you have closed a player, when you have also exchanged forms, suddenly something happens … But, let’s see, let’s try to fix this too. Ilkhan is a great quality playerbut as long as there are no signatures we do not say anything “.

ON THE QUIT BETWEEN JURIC AND VAGNATI – “Football is a world where emotions are elevated to power. When you have people like our coach and our technical director who want to do well, who are determined and focused, then it can happen. Now everything is back, the important thing is to be a team and do it well. Juric is a great coach, of a very high level, he rightly asks to have reinforcements as soon as possible. It’s not that Vagnati doesn’t want to give them to him or I don’t want toit is a question of combining its very right need with the possibility of doing so in relation to a very complicated market. I’d really like to please a manager like Juric. Today my regret is that, for previous reasons and due to a difficult market, I have not yet been able to give him what I wanted. This is the biggest regret I have, but I am very confident. We are working to make things happen and to happen quickly. ”

ON THE ACCOUNTS – “We intend to invest and build a strong team, but in a football that must also be sustainable from an economic point of view. An unsustainable football doesn’t go far. From 2013 to 2018, Torino combined good sporting results with good budgets, then a few steps longer than the leg I took and the subsequent crisis caused by the pandemic led to bad economic situations. Now the important thing is to start well in the Italian Cup. Last year we saw a good Toro, we are on track to make a competitive team again. ”

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