Calenda continues to hold back on the Covid commission

The idea of ​​the commission of inquiry into Covid she was born from Matteo Renzi who presented the proposal in the last legislature, publicly asking the Democratic Party on several occasions to vote on it. But these, along with the 5 stars, have always refused.

In fact, there have been several investigations, journalistic and of the prosecutor’s office, which have revealed heavy speculation among masks, ventilators, and hospital wards, but have been archived because the Commissioner Arcuri was covered by criminal immunity. However, this does not exclude the possibility of a political study of what happened.

Today with a new majority that commission can be done. The first to relaunch it was Renzi again, even saying “yesthey are even willing to give me Copasir so as not to give me the presidency of the covid commission”Referring to Pd and 5 stars.

Then the president Melons in his programmatic speech he announced the goal of shedding light on what happened in the pandemic management. Intention taken up by the Minister for relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani: “I think that an investigation commission can be born, it could also be that an opposition exponent leads it, but that an opposition member or majority guides it, I believe that the management of public funds in a very very opaque way should be shed , if there is a commission that investigates this, it is welcome for me ”.

There League immediately presented the bill, signed by the parent company Molinari: “Clarity on the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy. In the last legislature, the League was the first to present a bill, which was first signed by me, to set up a parliamentary commission to investigate the work of the Conte II government. Now, we have resubmitted it ”.

And therefore Italy alive: “In the wake of the work carried out during the last legislature, we have presented a bill to set up a commission of inquiry on Covid signed by Faraone-Boschi: the center-right votes our proposal, so as to speed up the times. I appeal directly to the President Giorgia Meloni, who today spoke clearly on the subject, so that we can finally begin to shed light on the opaque management of the pandemic “. Thus in a note Davide Faraone, deputy of Italia Viva. “From Chinese respirators, to fake masks to the Russian military in Bergamo, there is too much to clarify: anyone who got rich or performed strange maneuvers during such a dramatic moment must be faced with their responsibilities”.

It also says favorable Francesco Bocciawho was one of the main protagonists of that season: “It is useful to open the discussion on what happened in the territories and in the center. If the objective of the bicameral is to enter into the merits of political and criminal responsibilities, we are ready for a serious confrontation from North to South, starting with the Regions”, Boccia said in the Senate, forgetting that he was the minister who coordinated the Regions at that time, and that Puglia, governed by its captain Emiliano, is the one with the largest number of inquiries open on the regional Covid management, from the hospital to the Fair, to the factory of masks, and the head of civil protection appointed by Emiliano arrested while taking a bribe for those contracts.

But Attention: the third pole ally does not like it Carlo Calendawho has already turned up his nose on this proposal on other occasions: “I think it can be useful as long as we turn the page. Focus on the responsibilities of Giuseppe Conte it would be wrong– Calenda said today on the sidelines of the discussion in the Senate- Renzi was also in the Conte government. I could do it but it would be counterproductive. It will be helpful to understand what happened“.

Why counterproductive? Indeed the leader of Action he has never criticized, indeed several times defended Arcuri and in general all the pandemic management of the Conte government. Moreover, the political differences between Calenda and Renzi, in the third pole, had been evident for some time.

But even on the schoolwhich Calenda has always put among its main objectives, during the Covid it defended the dad and the attempt to prolong it, when Italy was alive, alone, struggled to reopen it. As, after all, Draghi did, with all due respect to Speranza and the closurists.

And while Renzi rode the news that came out about Arcuri, D’Alema, Conte, Speranza, Calenda instead, who never spared himself in controversy, never a word on this. Maybe it will be because Walter Ricciardia member of the national secretariat of Action, was a Covid consultant (free of charge) for Speranza?

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