Call of Duty Warzone Caldera is leaked. The new map has been presented by the players

The creators of Call of Duty: Vanguard did not protect the files of their position, which resulted in finding a new map for Call of Duty Warzone. Although Caldera will not be released until next month, we can already check how it looks.

Shipment, a well-known location to many fans of the series, was added to Call of Duty Vanguard last week. Thanks to the returning spot, it was possible to gain access to Caldera, a new map heading to Call of Duty Warzone. Players used the bug in observer mode.

“We were able to use the observer’s camera on Shipmint to see if we could get a sneak peak of Caldera. What do you think?”

In the above video, we will see the unfinished version of the location, but at first glance you can see various buildings, areas located above and the port. In competition with players, forests may turn out to be important, in which hiding from fire will be easier. We have known for several months that Caldera will be located in the Pacific, and Raven Software has announced that it uses the Call of Duty Vanguard engine and will add a number of original elements.

Already in 2019, an identical bug made it possible to check the preliminary Verdańsk version. Remember that this week, Caldera tests will take place, and at the same time a trailer for the new map will be presented. The seat will be available on the launch of Halo Infinite.


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