called from the hospital 11 years later –

from Anna Campaniello

The woman was contacted in recent days by Sant’Anna di Como: she had asked to be operated on in 2011. Checks in progress by Asst Lariana

Call from the hospital for surgery after 11 years of waiting. A woman residing in Como received a phone call from the Sant’Anna staff to set the date of an operation she was prescribed over ten years ago. And to which, in the meantime, it had already submitted elsewhere. The paradoxical case was made known by the newspaper The Province of Como. For reasons of confidentiality, the patient did not specify the type of intervention. A minor, routine and non-urgent operation. Certainly not to the point of justifying a wait of 11 years.

The inclusion in the waiting list dates back to 2011. In recent days, the woman was contacted by the operators of Asst Lariana. A decidedly unexpected phone call, due to a health problem that is now almost forgotten. The hospital staff asked her instead if she was still interested in undergoing the surgery or if, otherwise, she wanted to be removed from the waiting list. Asst Lariana explained to the newspaper that she could not give precise answers without knowing the patient’s data. However, you have announced that, since Covid hospitalizations have decreased and after the summer break, the hospital has worked to reduce waiting lists as much as possible. A commitment that also clashes with the lack of personnel and, now, with the resurgence of infections. The patient may have been called precisely in the context of scheduling activities to reduce waiting lists.

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October 1, 2022 (change October 1, 2022 | 20:20)

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