Calls have a new look with Google Phone: how to enable it

Google is particularly present in the smartphone world not only thanks to Android, the operating system present on millions of devices, but also for its own apps and services.

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Among these we find Google Phonethe app that has always allowed the management of calls and phonebook on specific smartphone models, such as the Pixel for example. In the last few hours this app has received an interesting novelty.

The screenshot that you find below show the first novelty: it is one new graphical interface dedicated to calls in progress. This is no longer centered on an interface with elements arranged centrally in a grid, in favor of a more interface minimalwith the elements arranged in one lower bar.

The images also show how these elements, corresponding to the links to access the keypad and al speakerphoneare also of small size compared to the previous version of the interface.

Beyond that comes another novelty: this consists in the possibility of reduce to a smaller window the interface relating to the call in progress, as if it were a widget within the home screen. This window is enabled via the prolonged pressure for the gesture Backwards of Android.

This gesture has the same effect even if it is performed when you are in the section Contacts or Favorites the Phone app. We assume the purpose is to provide a preview of the interface until you make the gesture to go back. When you release the gesture from the Phone app is closed.

Enabling this feature is subordinate having joined the beta program the Google Phone app and updating the app to version 90. To enable it, you also need the following procedure:

  1. Enable the Developer Options.
  2. Search for entry “Predictive animations with back“.
  3. Enable the item you just searched for.
  4. Confirm with OK.

Below are a couple of screenshot which summarize the procedure.

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