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Camila Loures is expelled from Uber, vents in stories and is criticized on the internet

Camila Loures used her Instagram, on the afternoon of this Wednesday (18), to vent about an incident involving the Uber app. According to the influencer, who appeared crying in the stories, the app driver kicked her out of the car. After the outburst, netizens criticized the attitude of Loures, who exposed the profile of the worker to his almost 18 million followers.

In a series of videos posted on her Instagram story, Camila says that she asked the driver to close the car window a little because it was cold. According to her, the driver refused and said that they were company protocols against Covid-19 and the influencer insisted, until he stopped the car and asked her to leave.

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On social media, the crowd took the name of Camila Loures to the most talked about topics at the moment, but in defense of the app driver, who had his privacy invaded. One profile commented: “Camila Loures, millionaire, exposing a worker for complying with the protocols of the platform she works on”.

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Among thousands of comments, several claim that the digital influencer’s cry was fake and that she is looking for media. Check out some comments:

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