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If it is true that on the occasion of the marriage between William e Katethe Duchess of Cornwall gave the bride-to-be a bracelet with two C-shaped charms, a larger one that stood for Camilla and the other smaller one to symbolize Catherine, it should come as no surprise that after 11 years their relationship has gradually consolidated. To the point that a few weeks ago, on the occasion of her 75th birthday, it was Middleton who took care of the photo shoot of her to her mother-in-law, published in the magazine Country Life Magazine.

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Prince Charles’ wife spoke about the pleasant day spent together during the shootingwho in an excerpt from the ITV documentary ‘Camilla’s Country Life’ said they had a very pleasant day with Kate, whose reputation as a photographer has now gone beyond national borders, following the recent publication of the photographic project HoldStill, which she took care of in times of pandemic. “[Kate] he took some great photos and you know he does it very naturally… We had a lot of fun doing it,” said Camilla Parker Bowles. “It was all very relaxed and of course a very kind gesture from the Duchess of Cambridge,” he added. “She came with her camera and she’s a great photographer. It was a casual situation – there wasn’t much hair or makeup to do. It was all done in the garden, with lots of laughter – it was a great way to do it“.

camilla parker bowles shooting kate middleton

Kate and Camilla are increasingly accomplices.

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The shots, of course, then passed to the scrutiny of Prince Charles, who gave his approval for the photo that portrays his wife in a white and light blue floral longuette dress with a ton sur ton cardigan while she is sitting on a bench with a basket of flowers in the hands. “If I can forget that I’m looking at myself, I think they are very beautiful and correspond exactly to what is needed for Country Life concluded Camilla, satisfied with the final result and eager to pose for a new photo shoot. Provided that behind the lens there is always Kate.There is no denying, the two future queens are more accomplices than ever.

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