Can I change the front door with the furniture bonus?

Thousands of Italian families had to give up their summer holidays because of the economic crisis which is putting our country to the test like few other times since the postwar period. Even those who chose not to give up their holidays in July and August often found themselves forced to limit the period of staywith the concern of increasing expenses to deal with the combined of the expensive electricity and gas bills with the effects of the international crisis on galloping inflation.

And so millions of citizens have preferred to save some money to invest it in modernization work on your homeoften opting for a long-postponed renovation work during these years of social isolation due to the pandemic emergency. Replace furniture and appliances within one’s residence is an action that requires time and dedication: in fact, to avoid making mistakes and finding yourself dissatisfied once completed, it is necessary to orient oneself among the many offers on the market and act in a targeted manner after comparing different estimates.

Citizens’ questions on the mobile bonus: the government’s choices on times and ways to take advantage of the discount

From the cost point of view, to help the nuclei more in difficulty in the payment of expenses, the executive headed by Mario Draghi (now at the end of its mandate and ready to be replaced by a new government led by Giorgia Meloni) introduced the so-called mobile bonuses. It is about a facility that affects millions of citizens and which is having an unexpected success precisely by virtue of the very large audience that has joined the initiative.

To date, however, there are still many Italians who do not have very clear different key aspects of the measure, starting with what are the furnishings and appliances which can be replaced by using the mobile bonus. As evidence of the many doubts that haunt taxpayers, in recent days there has been a very high number of messages received by the experts of the Revenue Agency, most of which contain explicit requests for clarification on what are the purchases that can be included in the benefit parameters.

Furniture bonus, what requirements the home must have in order to take advantage of the discount on the purchase of furniture

Before delving into the subject, some quick premises are necessary. Anyone wishing to access the mobile bonus discounts should know that the Budget Law 2022 (the one that allocated the funds for the facilitation related to the three years until 2024) requires that the purchases made have a specific and precise requirement: in fact, the expenses must be allocated to furnish a property which is located object of renovation at the time of submitting the application. In particular, the interventions of recovery of the building stockbut also those of energy requalification. Finally, those of adoption of anti-seismic measures.

Once the mechanism was understood, many recipients of the measure took advantage of it to combine the purchase of latest generation appliances and furnishings to the structural interventions of the house, while also benefiting from the relative one home bonus. However, the problems started in the next phase of choice of furniture to buy, with many doubts as to which of them were mentioned in the text formulated by the government. And so, as often happens, it was the Revenue Agency to take charge of answering citizens’ queries through their direct communication channels with the public, present both on the official social pages and in the FAQ section of the online site.

Furniture bonus, the list of furniture and appliances that are among those eligible to request the discount

As specified by the specialized employees, they can fall within the audience of the furniture bonus all those families who buy furniture or appliances included in the following categories: beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, bookcases, desks, tables, chairs, bedside tables, sofas, armchairs and sideboards, as well as mattresses and lighting devices that constitute a necessary completion of the furnishings of the building undergoing renovation. In reverse, discount recipients are not included in purchases the doors (the subject of many of the applications received by the Revenue Agency), the flooring materials (for example, parquet), as well as all the curtains and curtains.

Also with regard to the large appliances there is a list. The furniture bonus includes these categories of purchases: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, washer-dryers, dryers, dishwashers, all cooking appliances, electric stoves, electric hot plates, microwave ovens of all sizes, electric heating appliances, electric radiators, electric fans and air conditioning appliances. In this case, the consumption class, which must not be lower than category A for ovens and category E for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. Even refrigerators and freezers (among those that provide affixing the energy label) must have a consumption class not lower than category F.

How to apply to receive the Mobile Bonus and what documents must be presented

Finally it is good to remember how much can you save at an economic level if you adhere to the facility. If until 2021 the annual discount limit was set at one maximum amount of 16 thousand euros for each individual who submits regular and complete documentation, things have changed for this three-year period. In fact i allocated funds by the outgoing executive they were much lower and consequently the amount for each individual taxpayer was subject to a restriction. The ceiling for 2022 has been set at maximum amount of 10 thousand euroswhile for the next two years it will drop further, settling at 5 thousand euros.

As for the necessary documentation to be presented in order to access the mobile bonus and the timing of receiving the reimbursement for those recognized as eligible, our QuiFinanza editorial staff has created a guide with all the information on the mobile Bonus. Inside, in addition to all the details on the matter and the references that refer to the official channels of the State, there is also a dedicated section to know how to apply and what are the method of crediting the discount.

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