Candy – Death in Texas: The true story of the Disney + TV series

S.u Disney + the tv series is available Candy – Death in Texas. Based on a real story, it tells the story of a suburban housewife who killed her friend and neighbor with 41 blows of the ax.

Candy – Death in Texas is the 5 part tv series that Disney + proposes from 12 October. Based on a true story, it has its protagonist and executive producer in Jessica Biel, the Hollywood star launched by another cult series: Seventh heaven.

The story revolves around Candy Montgomery, a provincial housewife who apparently has it all: a good husband, two children, a beautiful home, and even careful planning and execution of transgressions. But when the pressure of conformity works its way inside her, her actions are clamoring for some freedom. With fatal results.

The True Story of Candy Montgomery

It was June 13, 1980. Betty Gore, a 30-year-old teacher and mother of two, was found murdered at her home in Wylie, Texas. She was hit 41 times with an ax. Residents of the US town were shaken by the brutality of the crime. But the biggest shock to all came when Betty’s friend and neighbor Candace ‘Candy’ Montgomery, also in her 30s, was arrested for the murder.

In the ensuing trial, Candy claimed to have acted in self-defense after Betty went on a rampage over discovering the clandestine relationship between her friend and her husband Allan. After eight days of hearings, it took the jury only four hours to find Candy not guilty.

This is the true story to which the producers of The Act they referenced to create the Disney + TV series Candy – Death in Texas, with Jessica Biel as Candy. Next to her, play Melanie Lynskey as Betty, Pablo Schreiber as Allan and Timothy Simons as Pat, Candy’s husband. But not only that: she has a small part too Justin Timberlake, real-life husband of Jessica Biel. In a cameo, he gives life to Sheriff Steve Deffibaugh, the one who invested in Betty’s death, starring alongside his wife for the first time.

The poster of the tv series Candy - Death in Texas.
The poster of the tv series Candy – Death in Texas.

Candy, a desperate housewife

Candy Montgomery, at the center of the Disney + TV series Candy – Death in Texas, is an honest suburban housewife and mother of two. She is God-fearing and has no precedent behind her: no act of violence hangs over her pawn and no one has much to say about her past. Yet, she commits an unspeakable act of violence against her best friend, Betty, changing not only her life but also that of the entire community.

But if she wasn’t a violent woman, how did you get to what is told in the Disney + TV series Candy – Death in Texas? “I also wondered what pushed her to act,” commented the protagonist Jessica Biel. “I don’t have an answer but often behind events like hers there are repressed emotions, desires, dreams and regrets. And often they are the ones who push beyond the limits of what is allowed. Behind Candy was a woman who needed help but didn’t know how to ask for it until a series of events pushed her over the edge ”.

“We will never know why the jury acquitted her,” added the actress. “And in the TV series we leave the judgment pending: it is right for the public to decide”. To step into the role of Candy, Biel underwent an incredible process of physical transformation, assisted by makeup, hair and stage costumes. “As an actress, it’s always fun not to recognize yourself in the mirror. The glasses, then, were the last piece of an incredible puzzle that gave me the right confidence for such a delicate project “.

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