“Candy” on Hulu: How did Betty Gore die in real life?

Episode 1 of Candy on Hulu with Jessica Biel reveals the disturbing events of the death of Betty Gore (played by Melanie Lynskey). However, when Allan Gore’s (Pablo Schreiber) neighbors discover Betty’s body in the real crime drama, they tell Allan about her that they shot her. How did Betty Gore die in real life? Find out the details of the true story before continuing the five-episode miniseries on Hulu.

“Candy” on Hulu Episode 1 recap of Betty Gore’s death

In Candy in episode 1 of Hulu, Allan Gore went on a business trip on Friday, June 13, 1980. He knew that his wife Betty Gore did not want him to go, but left for St. Paul, Minnesota. While there, Allan called Betty repeatedly throughout the day, but she didn’t answer her phone. That night he got worried and had a neighbor, Richard (Adam Bartley), who was watching Betty at their Wylie, Texas home. At first, Richard tells Allan that his car is missing and that no one is home.

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