Cannes goes crazy for Top Gun, but what a gaffe with Nicole Kidman!

The Cannes Film Festival has literally gone mad for Top Gun Maverick: the film was screened at the Croisette during ‘Tom Cruise Day’, which took place amidst the homage of the French military jets that shot through the sky and a surprise Palme d’Or to Tom Cruise.

However, among the many celebrations there was also room for some controversy, given that Nicole Kidman was completely forgotten in the retrospective dedicated to Tom Cruise: the celebratory film, a long montage of about ten minutes on the highlights of the star’s career Mission Impossible And Minority Reportin fact cut every scene with ex-wife Nicole Kidmanwho has not only been married to Cruise for nearly a decade but has worked on three different films – Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder, Rebellious hearts And Eyes wide shut by Stanley Kubrick.

Sure, all three of these titles were shown in the montage, but none of the included sequences featured Nicole Kidman. And according to the gossips it would not have been an oversight, much less an artistic choice to focus all attention on Tom Cruise, given that the sequences of other titles of his career the co-stars included them all right: in fact, Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man), Kristen Dunst (Interview with the vampire), Renée Zellweger (Jerry Maguire) and Penelope Cruz (Vanilla Sky).

Over the course of its long day of celebrations at the Cannes Film Festival – of course, everyone around there are crazy about too Top Gun Maverick, so we take this opportunity to remind you to fly to the cinema! – Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman only mentioned her once, during the Masterclass held before the screening of the film. Answering a question about Eyes wide shutthe star said: “We worked together to find the tone of the film: Stanley Kubrick, Nic and me.

We remind you that the Tom Cruise craze continues on Sky Cinema, which on occasion of the output of Top Gun Maverick in Italian cinemas has organized an entire review dedicated to the superstar on its channels.

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