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The military helicopter with which Tom Cruise landed in Cannes “was horrible”, some Ukrainian producers protested at the Cannes Market, who also took it out on Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov, even if he was a dissident author and also passed through prisons of Moscow. The theme of war, after Zelensky’s connection to the opening ceremony, continues to influence the chronicle of the 75 / o festival which thus archives the third day.
In a sense, the star today was Serebrennikov who was finally able to meet the press after years of missed opportunities due to the constraints of the regime. At the festival he brought him into competition TCHAIKOVSKY’S WIFE (he will be in the hall with I Wonder), story of the gay composer’s marriage to Antonina Miliukova, a film produced by the oligarch Roman Abramovich. “He helps modern art and has been doing it for a long time – has the director – he was a true patron. It is only thanks to him that we have arthouse cinema in Russia. Ukrainian President Zelensky is doing well to ask for him to be lifted from sanctions . I completely agree”. The director continued on the theme by defining “a tragedy, a disaster and a suicide the war in Ukraine. A situation made possible by years of massive propaganda”. There were Ukrainian protests in Cannes over his presence, Andrew Fesiak, founder of Ukrainian production company F Films, said that everything Russian should have no place. “I understand, they are in a terrible situation,” he said. “It is even difficult for them to hear the Russian language, I can understand that. But for European culture to cut out Russian culture would be a big mistake. Are you ready to erase Chekhov, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy? It is not right to erase people because of their nationality. “, he said against russophobia:” What does Russian culture ever have to do with war? Our creativity has always deepened the soul, the fragility of human things more than violence. Ours is a culture against war and boycotting it, as is being done today, is totally wrong. ” He then spoke of the victims of the war, the thousands of refugees, “lives destroyed on both sides. It is a very difficult and traumatizing thing, even considering the fact that Russians feel guilty. Artists have to help these people. and I do it myself. “
Serebrennikov, 52 years old and a Ukrainian mother, defended himself against the accusation of having received money from the Russian politician Vladislav Surkov for a theatrical adaptation (one thing, among other things, which prompted the Ukrainian Film Academy to ask for a boycott of Serebrennikov in Cannes ). “Up to a point, state funding in Russia was not toxic at all, there was nothing shameful in accepting it. In short, good things have been done with this money from the ministry of culture in the field of theater and cinema.”
On the red carpet he walked Anne Hathaway leading the cast of ARMAGEDDON TIMEthe film by James Gray, an American independent, competing with a coming-of-age story of a young boy that the Jewish family who survived the Holocaust (with a fantastic grandfather Anthony Hopkins) would like to be a model student in college while he, artist and rebel, follows the attraction to freedom that he communicates his best friend, a black orphan. On the Montee appeared in black suit JULIA ROBERTS, tonight guest of the Chopard award. In the afternoon a charismatic VIOLA DAVIS in red she talked about being a black woman in Hollywood, always struggling despite an award-winning career, including an Oscar. “I’m a survivor, a survivor of the many no’s I got as a black, but I’ve always fought, always fought. There is value in anger,” she said. Omar Sy, the most popular French actor, acclaimed by the crowd, led to the festival TIRAILLEURS, opening of Un Certain Regard, of which he is the protagonist and producer, a story about the forced recruitment of Senegalese in the villages to be taken to the French front in the First World War. “This movie means a lot to me, we don’t have the same memory, but we have the same story,” said the actor who is shooting the third season of the Gaumont series for Netflix, Lupine.

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