Cannizzaro, the only Sicilian center in the RISP program for lung cancer screening

The Cannizzaro Hospital is the only center in Sicily included by the Ministry of Health in the Italian Pulmonary Screening Network (RISP). This is a prevention and monitoring program, coordinated by the National Cancer Institute of Milan, aimed at the early diagnosis of lung cancer and the prevention of other diseases related to smoking, such as chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular diseases. The Cannizzaro Company, identified by the ministerial decree of last November, participates through the complex operating units of Thoracic Surgery, directed by Dr. Maurizio Nicolosi, and of Diagnostic Imaging, directed by dr. Domenico Patanè, who, thanks to the casuistry and experience gained in the field, collaborate for the purposes of the investigation and possible therapy. Individuals between 55 and 75 years old, heavy smokers, who have consumed a pack of cigarettes a day for at least 10 years or who have quit for less than 15 years can join the RISP program.

“After the clinical evaluation by the pulmonologist – explains Dr. Patanè – the patient undergoes a low dose chest CT scan, thanks to the availability of advanced instrumentation with dedicated reworking software, which allows to highlight even minimal nodules to be biopsied. or more closely monitored with another low-dose CT scan after some time. In addition to highlighting any neoplasms in time to be usefully treated, patients will be offered possible ways to quit smoking “.

The selection of subjects to be recruited is largely entrusted to family doctors and anti-smoking centers. Dr. Salvatore Giuffrida, General Manager of the Cannizzaro Company, underlines precisely the role of local medicine in addition to the activity carried out by the Hospital: “We know that the diagnosis in symptomatic subjects, that is, who complain of chest pain, cough, phlegm or other disorders, in three out of four cases it concerns a tumor already in an advanced stage. Anticipating the diagnosis through screening allows us to identify neoplasms in the initial stage and therefore radically curable with a favorable prognosis. In this sense – concludes Giuffrida – the ministerial program that we are starting it marries with the screening and prevention policies implemented by the Regional Health Department “.

To join the RISP program, you can contact the Cannizzaro Company at 0957263688 (answering machine active 24 hours a day) or at the email

information is available on the website, on the page or on the national toll-free number 800213601.

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