Cannonball in the anus. Patient in a hospital in England

The medics at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital experienced moments of horror when a collector of weapons arrived at the emergency department. The man explained that he had slipped while browsing through the exhibits. So unfortunate that one of the bullets got stuck between his buttocks.

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According to The Sun, the doctors approached the matter extremely professionally. Before they freed the patient from what they believed to be a misfire, they called in sappers. They secured the emergency room and then examined the missile.

It turned out to be an anti-tank artillery cartridge from the Second World War. Quite a lot, because for a 57 mm caliber cannon (the shell is less than 6 cm in diameter and 17 cm long). British forces (Royal Artillery) used such ammunition during the North African campaign. What was it used for later?

The man, whose identity has not been revealed, told the medics that he had set his military crops on the floor. At one point he slipped and accidentally hit the bullet.

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However, the doctor Carol Cooper, quoted by “The Sun”, does not believe it. “The assortment of items people stuffed into the anus is amazing, from wine glasses to ketchup bottles and vacuum cleaner components. This is the everyday life of ambulance workers. But I have never heard of a squad of engineers being called for a similar reason, ”she said.

In the end, as reported by local police, the missile turned out to be unarmed and therefore safe for the environment. Only this particular patient could die if the sharp end of the cartridge had pierced his intestine.

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