Car tax, you don’t have to pay it anymore: the agony is over

There are important cases in which the exemption for the car tax, whether total or partial, takes over. Much better, therefore, to update ourselves on the subject, and, especially if you have to buy a new car, you can take advantage of these benefits, and then opt for a model that includes them.

Even if it is often overlooked, there is the fact that the Legislator has introduced some important reductionsor exemptions totalsin other cases, not only for certain user categoriesbut also for some categories of media. That’s why, you are thinking of buying a new car, and you just can’t stand the tax stamp, you can find an appropriate compromise.

Examples of cars for which the road tax is not to be paid, always based on given conditions.

So let’s start talking about the subjective cases of exemption and how they are articulated. Below, a specific discussion regarding vehicles. We can anticipate, as of now, that, for the subjects, we will refer to who has determined pathologies or disabilitieswhile, as regards the vehiclesto those electricalin addition to those historians (vintage car).

The subjective conditions and the car tax

The car tax is totally exempt for the disabled, but it is necessary that they are determined conditions. It certainly includes those with a mental disability and who are holders ofaccompaniment allowance. As is known, these subjects, even if not authorized to drive, may still turn out to be the owners of a vehicle (or more than one) that is dedicated to personal accompaniment. In this case, the amount of the car tax is zero.

Then we find, among the beneficiaries, all those who have some limitations in walkingor have reduced or prevented fine motor skills. In this case, whether the conditions in question allow the vehicle to be driven with special supports, or whether this is not possible, the total exemption applies.

Even in the specific case of vehicles dedicated toaccompaniment of those affected by deafness or blindness.

There are also features pertaining to displacement And power. For petrol vehicles, the displacement must not exceed 2,000 cubic cm, and not more than 2,800 in the case of hybrid or diesel vehicles. In the case of an electric motor, there is a power of 150 kw which the equipment cannot exceed. The exemption is also valid in the case of a car registered to familiar of which the disabled is fiscally charged.

The conditions relating exclusively to vehicles

If the conditions relating to vehicles, in the previous case, reveal themselves accessory, in this case, they are exclusive. This means completely avoiding the payment of the road tax if you own one of the aforementioned vehicles. As anticipated, these are electric vehicles, with the free stamp for the first 5 years, and thereafter with a 75% discount. This is not true everywhere, but in the vast majority of territories today.

If you fall into the protected categories, you will not have to pay the payment of the car tax.

Following, the historic vehicles. THE vehicles over thirty years old, not used for professional purposes, are completely exempt. While, the vehicles over twenty years are subject to a reduction of half on the stamp duty.

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