Car, you all have this amazing device: nobody knows they have it

A fundamental concept related to cars is obviously that of refueling, without which we could not move. Here is a curiosity.

When we are in the car, we know very well that it is time to refuel every now and then, speech that is valid both for cars with internal combustion engines and for hybrid and electric plug-ins. In fact, no car runs “on air”, as they say, and it is normal that it must be powered by some energy or fuel source.

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Surely, in the course of your life, you have happened to get gasoline, and you will have asked yourself the fateful question: “Where is the tank cap located?“. Even if you have been driving the same car for many years, rest assured that when you need it, you will not remember the answer to this question, and you can often fall into error on this subject.

Refueling, in fact, always takes place from the same side of the car, and if by chance you should make a mistake in positioning the fuel pumpyou will be forced either to carry out a maneuver to get in the correct point, or to pull the tube a lot to insert it in the right hole, positioned on the opposite side from the one where you parked your car.

Refueling, here’s how to know where to do it

When you find the correct side to refuel, you won’t be able to believe your eyes. In fact, the answer lies in the fuel gauge positioned inside the dashboard. In almost all cars, practically all of those produced in recent years, have an arrow that is positioned either to the right or to the left.

Refueling device (AdobeStock)
Refueling device (AdobeStock)

Clearly, that arrow indicates the location of the hole where to enter the refueling pump, and it is therefore very easy to understand how to stop once you arrive at the service station. Most cars have the fuel cap positioned on the right, although there are some exceptions.

For example, Japanese cars like Toyota and Honda, they have it on the left, since in the land of the Rising Sun you drive keeping the “left-handed” side. The speech concerning the cars with internal combustion engine is very clear, while a different parenthesis must be opened for what concerns the plug-in hybrids and the electric ones.

There are two different indicators on plug-ins, as the driver is informed of both the side where the fuel cap is present and the side where the electrical part is to be recharged. On the full electric, however, there is no single solution to the problem, but the various car manufacturers indicate in their own way the point where to stop and recharge. The most interesting solution is that of Teslawhich has placed an almost full-screen image in the dashboard which makes life easier for drivers.

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It must be said that this curiosity appears very trivial, but most of the population is not aware of it. So, we hope we have been useful to you in this article, avoiding unnecessary maneuvers when you search for the next time at the service stations. In today’s fast-paced world, every second counts and you need not waste too much time refueling.

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