Cara Delavigne uses drugs because of Amber Heard, according to a journalist

Dear Delavigne “needs to” his current state of health to actress Amber Heard, who according to a well-known Gossip journalist would have led the well-known actress and model on the wrong track, who is currently going through a really difficult period in her life.

A few months after the rumor gossip columnist Jessica Reed Krauss she went back to talking about the situation between Cara and Heard, again stating that the two have a relationship with sentimental involvement, and that Depp’s ex cheated on the actor with the model when they were still married; in short, a real soap, there is no rain on this.

For this reason, the journalist accuses Amber Heard of being the cause of the current drug problems that are haunting Cara Delavigne, causing both her audience and her family obviously worried. Krauss talks about some parties organized by Heard where there were known billionaires who used the model and actress Cara Delavigne to entertain themselves, pushed by Amber.

Cara Delavigne uses drugs because of Amber Heard, according to a journalist

The editor later also discusses the current situation of Delavigne, where the latter would have fallen into the maelstrom of hard drugs precisely because of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife. The woman seems to have forced Cara, perhaps even by deception, to make use of substances that are highly harmful to the organism, only to get something from her for her plans apparently, which consisted of who knows what.

Cara Delavigne uses drugs because of Amber Heard, according to a journalist!

To collect these statements by Jessica Reed Krauss are some podcasts / videos that discuss what happened on Youtube, where we took the news together with The News. If you want to learn more, we invite you to take a look at the bottom of the paragraph to get an idea of ​​what happened and the likely consequences.

At the center of the story in this video we can see how Cara Delavigne and Amber Heard can have a relationship and how this also influenced the behavior of the model, probably exploited by Heard who was probably trying to take everything she had by force and was losing with the process. According to the latest news, however, Cara would have closed relations with Heard, as did Margot Robbie and also Kristen Stewart.

If this were really so, the situation would be serious, also because the manipulation of the woman could lead to serious consequences for Cara’s future.

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