Cara Delevingne pays tribute to Karl Lagerfeld with a capsule that he would have liked too

Karl Lagerfeld said that Cara Delevingne was “a character straight out of a silent film”, the German designer who had elected her among his chosen muses called her “the Charlie Chaplin of the fashion world”. “She believed in me when so many, including me, didn’t,” said she, the British supermodel and actress, just turned 30, model of the year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014. Theirs was a relationship that over time had found an intimate and parallel dimension, with respect to the world of catwalks, united them with a love for fun, audacity. He loved her expressive genius about her, the fact that she was rebellious, witty, cultured. She loved his genius, her visionary being, but above all “he was a dear friend.” “One of the greatest lessons I learned from Karl was to be myself. To trust my instincts. Don’t conform. Hearing it from him changed the course of my life. ”

Like this Dear Loves Karl is the title of the capsule that Cara has created for the brand of the fashion kaiser of the same name, as it was called in the world, which passed away in February 2019, which sublimates and sanctions a relationship that in some ways has never been interrupted. The capsule offers versatile, oversized, interchangeable, genderless pieces in sustainable materials, from the relaxed parka to the most elegant blazer with a drawstring that allows you to tighten the waist and enhance the more defined silhouette, up to the denim jacket, the bomber jacket with sleeves and removable hood. «Karl always said that everyone should wear what they want and mix it in their own way, and the collection Dear Loves Karl it shows that clothing doesn’t have to have a labeled gender, ”explains Hun Kim, Design Director of Karl Lagerfeld. “Our design process with Cara was extremely collaborative, and it was very inspiring to hear her share her stories, ideas and anecdotes about her. We share a single vision: clothes should build trust, respect the planet, and be beautiful – no matter who you are. “

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