Cardi B also shuns regular baths? The rapper summed up the Hollywood trend

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

A very interesting trend has emerged in Hollywood. Some celebrities publicly admit that they avoid regular baths because they think they are simply harmful! More and more famous people are taking the floor on this subject. The trend not only connects but also divides. Another star who commented on regular baths is Cardi B …

After a shocking confession Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher There is debate in Hollywood about whether regular bathing is actually harmful. The acting couple say yes. They were backed by Kristen Bell and The Rock and Jason Momoa strongly denied this.

Cardi B also avoids washing herself regularly?

Jason Momoa also takes a bath. The role obliges

Hollywood debates continued, now he publishes his opinion on this subject in public Cardi B. The rapper, known for being open and saying what she thinks, also without beating the bush, commented on the latest trend on Twitter.

Does Cardi B avoid daily washing? None of these things!

Fancy people who say they don’t shower? It makes it itchy.

– she wrote on Twitter.

After these words no one should doubt which side the rap star is on!


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