Cardi B and Offset asked the priest to help save their marriage! What about cheating?

Cardi B
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Cardi B and Offset’s marriage is not all roses, but the musical couple is not going to give up and is doing everything they can to save their relationship. Recently, Cardi B even revealed that she and her husband decided to ask … a priest for help in rebuilding their marital relations! Cardi B has never been considered an overly religious star, and neither has her husband. Even so, it seems that the clergyman’s intervention has been producing the desired results so far.

The theme of the crisis in the marriage of Cardi B and Offseta for some time now he has been making a regular comeback to the top of American gossip sites. Husband Cardi B he is accused of treason – she has even accused him recently girlfriend of a young rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine residing behind bars.

Cardi B she publicly says she trusts her husband, but the reality is not that rosy. In the January issue Vogue the rapper herself admits that together with Offset decided to ask a priest for help in saving their marriage!


Cardi B it’s a star the January issue of Vogue magazine. In a special interview of the latest issue of the publishing house, the rapper spoke very openly about her personal problems, and more specifically – about problems in marriage.

For Cardi B, relationship issues shouldn’t be taboo.

My point is, on social media, everyone acts as if their relationships are perfect.

This is crazy to me. I have a lot of women around me and I keep hearing them say that they love their men very much, but these guys are in financial trouble, or having problems with their mother, or the sex is not what it used to be. Everyone has some problems

– says Cardi B.

And how do you deal with these troubles, especially when such serious topics as betrayal are at stake?

It seems that Cardi B she found the answer … in the church.

I believe in forgiveness. I prayed for it. My husband and I prayed together. A priest came to us

– confesses the rapper.

Cardi B ensures that she currently supports her husband in everything, just as Offset supports her.

When you cheat on someone, you cheat on the person who supported you the most. Why would you do this? We understand each other in this regard. For me, monogamy is the only way. I’ll hurt you if you cheat on me

– declares the star of the hit “Money”.


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