Cardi B loves long nails! Would you be able to function with such claws? [GALERIA]

We don’t even want to think how much time Cardi B spends in beauty salons. creating such long nails that won’t break immediately is an art! The star loves rich decorations and of course long nails. See what madness he can have on his hands!

Say that Cardi B likes to get attention, it’s like saying nothing. The rapper loves bold outfits. Going to a party half naked is just her style.

But don’t think that Cardi B he can only shock with clothes. Every detail is impressive in her stylizations. Starting with a huge amount of expensive jewelry, ending with crazy nails.

It is the latter that we took a closer look at. Nails Cardi B is a challenge for the most experienced manicurists! Make ultra long nails, load them with numerous decorations so that they do not break in a second? It’s real art!

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Cardi B has a very original style. He can surprise not only with his clothes, but also with his nails. See for yourself what madness she can have on her hands!

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