Cardi B organized a huge 28th birthday. An avalanche of criticism fell on her

Cardi B is one of the most popular rap women in the world. The artist’s fans are equally interested in Cardi’s private life, and this is no less rich. Recently, the media circulated about the rapper’s divorce from Offset. Meanwhile, on the occasion of her birthday, her husband prepared a special gift for her …

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She is only 28 years old, and the whole world already knows her. Cardi B conquered the music industry with a hit “Bodak Yellow”which was on the 1st place on the Billboard list. Since then, the rapper has been at the forefront of show business media, and her next songs have become hits.

Cardi B organized a birthday party in the midst of the pandemic

The American woman recently celebrated her birthday in a characteristic, boisterous way. At the party organized in Las Vegas, crowds of guests appeared: twerking girls and Cardi B’s friends. Offset, with whom the rapper announced a divorce. However, it was not the presence of the star’s husband that caused the greatest stir. The idea for such a large event did not appeal to the star’s fans, who remind her that such an event organized in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is – to put it mildly – not very reasonable.

How irresponsible! Have you forgotten what’s going on in the world? – they write. So celebrities feel untouchable as if the pandemic didn’t concern them? someone else commented.

Cardi B’s Birthday Party: Guests, Gifts, Offset

Despite the raging pandemic, Cardi and her guests had a great time. Among them appeared, among others The Weeknd, Teyana Taylor or Kylie Jenner. The latter presented Cardi B with a purse worth tens of thousands of dollars worth of the brand Hermes Birkin. However, the rapper got the most unique gift from Offset, who bought a billboard for his ex (?) Wife from their daughter, Culture.

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